Facing the Gulf of Mexico, Cancun is one of the most important touristic resorts of the Mexican Coast.

Placed in the Yucatán Peninsula, the city is wetted by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, and boasts beautiful white sandy beaches where relaxing and practising one of the many sport activities offered by the accomodation facilities.

Cancun was a stretch of uninhabitated land until the end of '70; it has developed since 1982 thanks to the first hotels.

Hundreds of restaurants, cafés, clubs and shopping centers give to Cancun the characteristic of being an overactive city.

The city is divided in two parts: Ciudad Cancun, on the solid ground, where the majority of the population is settled and Isla Cancun, the part facing the Caribbean Sea and full of accomodation facilities.

Close to Cancun there's a true natural paradise, called Riviera Maya, which boasts resorts, ecological reserves and famous archeological sites such as Tulum and Cobà.