Mexico - Useful information for your trip

Mexico is a world apart in Latin America, colorful and full of culture. Its beauty is enriched by the cordiality and warmth of its people. Its coasts are lapped by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, its territory as well as its climate are really heterogeneous and nice.

Its landscape, from the Caribbean coast to the semidesert regions of Baja California, offers plenty of ideas for a trip. Common thought associates Mexico to the Caribbean sea of Playa del Carmen, the archaeology of Chichen Itza, the natural reserve of Yucatan, the colourful chaos of Mexico City and the spicy tastes of Mexican cuisine.

The United States of Mexico are the country with the highest number of Spanish-speaking inhabitants and the great distances existing between its major tourist areas require precise choices to those who decide to visit it. Yucatan and Caribbean Sea, Chiapas, Tabasco and Oaxaca, Central Pacific Coast, Mexico City, the highlands in Central Mexico, Baja California and the Northern Mexico are the areas that are generally more attractive to visitors. However, the good domestic connections allow to arrange different kinds of holidays and trips according to different needs.

So, even on a short tour, if you spend some time in Yucatan you can discover the Mayan culture, visiting the more relevant archaeological sites. Then, you can travel to the coast and relax.

For those who have more time to spend in Mexico, it will be possible to deepen the knowledge of the country and its culture, starting a tour from the chaotic Mexico City, visiting the colonial areas, rich in history and evocative atmosphere and ending in Chiapas and Southern Mexico, realm of the indigenous culture. Unmissable spots are PueblaGuanajuato and Guadalajara, remains of the ancient colonial period and rich in beautiful architectural examples.

At the end of your trip and vacation, if you want to bring a little bit of the kaleidoscope of colours that Mexico will leave in your memories with you, local handicraft is the right answer. Local markets provide everything you might be looking for: wooden and terracotta products, beautiful hammocks, ponchos, colourful wool, sombreros and souvenirs made with hard stone.

Finally, the tasty Mexican cuisine will delight you from the first day to the last one, so do not miss the chance to eat the most authentic and delicious dishes. Tacos, churros, tortillas, tequila: try them all, you will find out that Mexican cuisine is very different from what you expect.

Let viviTravels local experts guide you: their deep knowledge of Mexico will allow you to explore the most evocative corners, the most authentic landscapes, the most significant attractions and the places where contact with local population is easier and more genuine. Trust us: your trip, tour or tailormade holiday in Mexico will exceed your expectations.