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Luxury Iran tour

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Tour - Luxury and charme - Iran, Teheran

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A fabulous tour of majestic Iran, the pearl of the Middle East, discovering the wonderful palaces of ancient Persia. You will travel from Tehran to the well known and fascinating cities of Yazd, Shiraz and Isfahan, including sumptuous mosques and fairytale palaces. You will also stop in the area of Persepolis, for a visit to the ancient archaeological site.

And after the cultural visits, you'll enjoy total relaxation during your vacation staying in luxury 4 or 5-star hotels.

What are you waiting for? Leave for your deluxe trip to Iran!

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  1. Tehran - Shiraz

    Day 2
    Tehran - Shiraz

    The tour of the city starts with a stop at Golestan Palace (Unesco heritage) with its famous mirror room. After lunch, visit the Museum of Jewels, housed in the vaults of the Central Bank, where an immense collection accumulated over the years by the Persian rulers is displayed. Transfer to the airport and flight to Shiraz. Dinner and overnight.

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  2. Persepolis

    Day 3

    Excursion in Persepolis (Unesco heritage) for sightseeing in the ancient city, the ancient Persian capital, built by Darius I in 518 BC; you'll continue with a visit to Nasq-i-Rostam royal tombs. In the afternoon visit the city: you'll start with Karim Khan citadel, an imposing building ordered by the illuminated sovereign Karim Khan who established Shiraz as the country's capital in 1750, then the wonderful Rose Mosque and the Orangerie with its splendid garden. Continue on to the Bazaar of the 19th century, Moshir caravanserai and Hafez mausoleum, the most appreciated Iranian poet. Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

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  3. Shiraz - Yazd

    Day 4
    Shiraz - Yazd

    Departure to Yazd and stop enroute in Pasargadae (Unesco Heritage), the first Achaemenid capital, with the tomb of its legendary founder Cyrus the Great. You'll then stop in Abarkuh, a desert oasis with a 5000-year-old cypress and arrival in Yazd, one of the most important caravan cities of the Middle Ages. Dinner and overnight.

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  4. Yazd - Nain -Isfahan

    Day 5
    Yazd - Nain -Isfahan

    Visit to spectacular Jameh Mosque boasting the tallest minarets in Iran, rising over a beautiful medieval square, the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, the Temple of fire where a perennial fire has been burning for 1,500 years, the old city center (Unesco Heritage) and Alexander's prison. After lunch depart to Isfahan, visit Nain Mosque, an ancient mosque built in 1,100, soon after the Arabs conquered Persia. Arrival in Isfahan, regarded as the most beautiful Iranian city, dinner and overnight.

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  5. Isfahan

    Day 6

    From the beautiful square (the third largest in the world) you will visit marvellous Loftollah mosque, with ornate tiles and the Royal Palace, with the prestigious music hall. Then it's on to the Imam Mosque (Unesco Heritage), with splendid and very refined architectures and decorations and the old lively Grand Bazaar. We end the tour at Jameh mosque (Unesco Heritage), a real museum of Islamic architecture.

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  6. Isfahan

    Day 7

    Continue on with the visit around Isfahan: the Armenian district, Jolfa and Vank Cathedral with colorful vivacious frescoes and Chehel Sotun palace or "40-column palace". Night walk to admire the illuminated city bridges.

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  7. Isfahan - Tehran

    Day 8
    Isfahan - Tehran

    Departure to Tehran. Stop in Natanz to visit the mosque shrine and in Kashan, an oasis town at the edge of the desert where you'll visit the historic Fin garden and one of the traditional houses, once rich houses of merchants. Dinner and overnight.

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  8. Teheran

    Day 9

    Free day for further exploration. The guide will be available until the transfer to the airport (no visit to local attractions is included today). Transfer to the airport and end of service.

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