Travel ideas in Iran

  • Luxury Iran tour richard-rigamonti Travel proposals

    Tour | 9 days | No flight

    Luxury Iran tour

    A fabulous tour of majestic Iran, the pearl of the Middle East, discovering the wonderful palaces of ancient Persia. You will travel from Tehran to the well known and fascinating cities of Yazd, Shiraz and Isfahan, including sumptuous mosques and fairytale palaces. You will also stop in the area of Persepolis, for a visit to the ancient archaeological site.

    And after the cultural visits, you'll enjoy total relaxation during your vacation staying in luxury 4 or 5-star ...

    Visited places: Teheran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan

    from 2,986 €

  • Iran, Armenia and Georgia tour meline-hambardzumyan Travel proposals

    Tour | 15 days | No flight

    Iran, Armenia and Georgia tour

    A unique trip across different populations, ethnic groups, religions and architectures, from the Middle East to the Caucasus. Your itinerary will start in Iran, a charming and colorful country, exploring mosques, palaces and bazaars, where the Persian culture is still alive and the population will be incredibly hospitable. The landscape and architectures will change dramatically while travelling into Armenia and Georgia, the gems of the Caucasus, where mountains and nature dominate the ...

    Visited places: Teheran, Zanjan, Tabriz, Goris, Yerevan, Dilijan, Tbilisi, Kazbegi

    from 1,869 €

  • Desert tour of Iran ashkan-iran-tour-guide Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 12 days | No flight

    Desert tour of Iran

    Discover the magic and fascination of the desert in Iran   with this amazing 12 days tour.There are two vast expanses of deserts in Iran, the Kavir-e-Lut or the Lut Desert, and Kavir-e-Markazi or the Central Desert, covering an area of over 360,000 square kilometers, mostly located in the central parts of Iran.  These vast expanses of sand dunes, salt lakes and steppe-like plains with date trees and camel flocks are one of the world's most interesting places. Then there is ...

    Visited places: Teheran, Damghan, Khur, Na'in, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan


  • The charm of Iran in 8 days ashkan-iran-tour-guide Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 8 days | No flight

    The charm of Iran in 8 days

    Discover the charm and fascination of Iran, once known as Persia, with its enchanting mosques, palaces and colorful tombs. You'll be astonished at the beauty of some of the places you'll visit. Main highlights of the itinerary include: Sightseeing in Teheran Shiraz and the ruins of Persepolis Beautiful Isfahan

    Visited places: Teheran, Shiraz, Isfahan


  • Tour in Iran - Charm of ancient Persia ashkan-iran-tour-guide Travel proposals

    Tour | 11 days | No flight

    Tour in Iran - Charm of ancient Persia

    Come to discover Iran, ancient Persia, with this travel and vacation back to the glorious ages which show you the best of this wonderful country in Asia. During the tour in Persia, you'll discover the artistic masterpieces typical of its rich past, but also the recent and contradictory problems linked to the contemporary period. During this tailor made trip to Iran, meeting point between the East and the West, you'll admire the cities in which Cyrus the Great, Darius I and Alexander ...

    Visited places: Teheran, Kerman, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan