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Europe is a continent which offers a rich cultural and archaeological heritage, where you can enjoy unique cultural tours and taste incredible food and wine. Europe offers the lively beaches of Spain, the incredible monuments and cultural cities of Portugal, Italy, Spain, the archaeological sites in Greece and the stunning castles of Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Good food and excellent wine are a must for every tour, holiday, cruise or vacation: taste the real pizza in Italy, a good paella in Spain and some of the best beers in the world in Germany, Scotland, Scandinavia and Iceland will enchant you with their green or snowy unspoilt landscapes while Italy will leave you breathless with its unique cultural cities, from Rome to Florence, from Venice to fashionable Milan.

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Europe, also known as Old Continent, is one of the smallest continents on Earth, although it is one of the most populous. It includes 44 countries.

It is formed by a continental and a peninsular area, its borders are defined by natural features: to the North there is the Arctic Ocean, to the West the Atlantic Ocean, to the South the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, while it is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains and the Ural River.

This geographical area is located in a temperate climate zone, the weather is quite homogeneus between all its countries. Moreover, although it boasts a rich varieties of natural beauties, including forests, mountain chains, hills, coasts and lakes, it does not features extreme conditions nor inaccessible and unhabitated areas such as deserts or ice caps.

Europe is well known also for its vast cultural heritage, basically every nation has its own history in arts, rich and well documented in many museums. As for architecture, the variety is absolutely unique with the latest trend-setting buildings, face-to-face with thousand-year old constructions, a contrast which can't be seen anywhere else.

The nice cilmate and a long tradition have also created a very wide range of world-class food and wine products, which you can discover with our custom made tours.