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Travelling to Portugal means discovering beautiful beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean and visiting cities full of history and fascination.

This country, the westernmost in Europe, with its Mediterranean climate which is pleasant all year round, has many attractions to offer tourists: you cannot miss the capital Lisbon, with its Monastero Dos Jeronimo and the Oceanario, the aquarium dedicated to the oceans, or the city of Porto, famous for its wine and its historical buildings. For those who love to relax on the sand, Marinha beach is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe according to the Michelin guide.

Portugal is also an interesting destination for sailing lovers: cabin charter sailing cruises and vacations along its coastlines or in beautiful Azores archipelago are a dream experience.

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  • Douro tour in Portugal pedro-cardoso Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 1 days | No flight

    Douro tour in Portugal

    A living cultural landscape in constant evolution, an exceptional example of an ancient tradition of the working the land and, simultaneously, of a living civilisation that revolves around the making of quality wines under extremely difficult environmental conditions. Discover the enchanting Douro region in Portugal with our tailormade tour and vacation!

    Visited places: Régua


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  • Top bars and restaurants in the Azores

    If you love sailing then we recommed a cabin charter sailing cruise around the beautiful Azores in Portugal : blue sea and picturesque villages will make your vacation unforgettable. And when you get off the yacht, we have a list of mouthwatering restaurants to make your stay even more interesting. "If you sail to Horta and you don't visit Peter's, you have not actually been to Horta." This is a common phrase among yachtsmen sailing to the Azores : have a break at Peter Café Sport (R. José Azevedo 9, 9900-027 Horta, Portogal) while sailing in the Azores archipelago: Peter will offer shelter, good food and friendly conversation!
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  • Pedro Cardoso


    One of his passions has always been to discover people and places, ...

Why visit Portugal

Portugal is the westernmost country belonging to the European Union, it has a long coast facing the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the marine expertise of the Portuguese, in the past, Portugal had a large and important colonial empire.Due to its dissolution, Portugal now boasts only two archipelagos: Azores and Madeira, called "the ocean flower".

The coasts of Portugal have different conformations: some are straight and sandy, others are rocky cliffs. The territory is mainly characterized by plains interrupted here and there by gentle hills and low mountains. Characteristic, in the country, is the fact that it hosts different climatic features, despite not being so extended. In the north there is an Atlantic climate, mild and rainy during autumn. On the other hand, in the south the weather is Mediterranean, therefore very dry. Finally, the inner regions have a continental climate. These diverse weather conditions influence the flora and favor the growth of forests of oak, chestnut and beech, which enrich the local vegetation.

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