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Spain is a wonderful land, it is able to satisfy every kind of traveller thanks to its amazing landscapes and its huge cultural heritage. Both these aspects are emphasized by the cordiality, hospitality and the warmth of its inhabitants.

Imagine to stroll the wide boulevards in Madrid, up to the large Plaza del Sol, with its typical bars and restaurants. Do not hesitate in sitting down and taking a typical course, such as chocolate with churros or a glass of sangria served with tapas. Then, stand up and run into the beautiful gardens of Palacio Real. Here, you will be enraptured by the perfumes of the colourful flowers which adorn this faboulous place. Or even, do not be intimidated by the land of gitanos: reach the south of the country and visit the beauties belonging to the ancient community of the Moors, shooed during the Reconquista, discover its castles and enjoy the beautiful landscape characterized by a crystal-clear sea and gentle hills.

Each part of Spain boasts its own traditions, in Sevilla  the feira de April is famous, in Pamplona the corrida, and many others: enjoy of the opportunity to discover them!

Also the nightlife will satisfy you! Parties on the beach till dawn, popoular clubs and famous bars will accompany you during your holiday, maybe in lively Barcelona. And then, is there anything better than experiencing the calm and tranquillity of the amazing beaches and hidden coves lapped by a crystal-clear sea in the early morning? A sailing cabin charter vacation will give every traveller a sublime experience close to the uncontaminated and wild nature of Spain: enjoy the wonderful and peaceful places, away from the stressful day life in the Balearics or Canary islands.

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  • Undiscovered Andalusia tour silvia-martin Travel proposals

    Tour | 8 days | No flight

    Undiscovered Andalusia tour

    Do you think you know everything about Spain ? Time to change your mind. Explore both city wise and countryside, discover immense oceans of Olive Trees, witness unforgettable sunsets from your private candle light dinner table and uncover the secrets of nature: mountains, lakes and valleys with pristine waters and unspoilt beauty. Enjoy slow pace: no hurry when it's a matter of taste. Your freedom to drive will take you around everywhere and ensure you do not miss any single detail. Be ...

    Visited places: Cordoba, Seville, Ronda, Málaga

    from 1,635 €

  • Spain tour and Mediterranean seaside silvia-martin Travel proposals

    Tour | 10 days | No flight

    Spain tour and Mediterranean seaside

    A unique Spain tailormade tour, combining both cities and seaside. The itinerary will start in colorful Barcelona, where you will see the most famous architectural masterpieces designed by Gaudì. Your trip will then continue to Montserrat and Valencia, the city of Arts and Sciences, finally ending in Palma de Mallorca, where you'll enjoy stunning beaches and a bit of well deserved Mediterranean relaxation.

    Visited places: Barcelona, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca

    from 2,695 €

  • Spain self-drive tour from Madrid to the Basque country silvia-martin Travel proposals

    Tour | 9 days | No flight

    Spain self-drive tour from Madrid to the Basque country

    An incredible self drive tour discovering Spain at your own pace, with a rental car and plenty of time to explore cities and landscapes indipendently. This Spain tour will begin in colorful lively Madrid, the capital city, continuing to the Basque Country, where you'll have the chance to get an insight on this unique culture. During the trip you will have the opportunity to enjoy the typical food and wine specialties of each region. From Toledo to La Rioja and San Sebastian, your ...

    Visited places: Madrid, La Rioja, San Sebastián, Bilbao

    from 2,500 €

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  • Top bars and restaurants in the Balearics

    The Balearics in Spain are the perfect destination for cabin charter sailing holidays in the summer. Calm by day and hectic by night thanks to a wild nightlife (especially in Ibiza ), they have all one might need for a really entertaining break from everyday routine. Here is a list of all the best bars and restaurants to make your vacation even more fun.  The best coffee and mojito in the Balearics is at  Cosmopolitan Marittimo Cafe, (Palma de Mallorca, Spain). Drop by and have a drink or taste a delicious croissant while you are enjoying your relaxing cruise in liveliest Spanish islands.
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  • Top bars and restaurants in Barcelona

    Barcelona has all you might need for a complete holiday and vacation! Hectic nightlife for the evenings and rich cultural heritage for the day, without mentioning the long sandy beaches for total relaxation. If you are planning a tailormade tour ot vacation here, here is a miniguide to best eateries. Dream fish-based cuisine and the best Catalan cream you can ever taste: stop at  Botafumeiro Barcelona  (carrer Gran de Gracia 81, Barcelona) while visiting Barcelona! 
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  • Top 10 bars and restaurants in Madrid

    Are you planning a visit to the colorful and lively capital city of Spain? No matter what your expectations from Madrid are, your tailormade tour and vacation will exceed them all. And here is a list of all the bars and restaurants you' d better not miss! Bocadillo de Jamón y Champán  (calle Fernando VI 21, Madrid) offers the best sandwiches with serrano ham and refined champagne. The interiors are also interesting, with an eclectic mix of colors from gold to ceramics. Drop by while in Madrid.
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  • Top 10 bars and restaurants in the Canary islands

    Canary islands in Spain, halfway between Africa and Europe, are the ultimate destination for a cabin charter sailing vacation ! Crystal clear blue sea and golden beaches: your vacation will be really extraordinary. And when you get off the boat, we have some tips on the best restaurant to go to. It's called  Restaurante El Diablo (Diseminado Islote Hilario, 1, 35560 Tinajo, Las Palmas, Spain) and no name has ever been more appropriate, since in this restaurant's specialty is grilled meat, cooked to 450 ° C, a "hellish" temperature. It is located in Lanzarote and for the preparation of the dishes the geothermal heat of the dormant volcano on which it stands it's used. Enjoy an unusual meal while on cruise.
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Why visit Spain

Spain is a country belonging to the European Union, it is located in the Iberian Peninsula. Its borders are mainly marked by the sea. Indeed, in the North there is the Cantabrian Sea, in the South the Mediterranean Sea and South-East the Balearic Sea, which contains some islands forming an autonomous community of Spain. They are not the only islands of this country, in fact there are also the Canary Islands, an archipelago of 7 vulcanic islands, located in the North-West of the African continent. The capital city is Madrid.

Spain can be divided in three different geographic regions according to its morphology: the Meseta Central, a plateau that occupies a large part of the country; the mountain ranges in the North, which include Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Range; and the Baetic System located in the South, that includes some mountain ranges, such as Sierra Nevada. Because Spain is lapped by many seas, it has large coasts with different features. Near the Cantabrian Sea the coasts boast beautiful bays and suggestive cliffs; while the Mediterranean coast, divided into Costa Brava, Costa Daurada, Costa del Azahar, Gulf of Valencia, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, is milder and less indented. This area attracts many tourists, thanks to the gentle weather which offers warm and dry summers.

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