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It's no coincidence that every traveler, sooner or later, comes to Italy. The reasons for its popularity are quite obvious, given the unique experiences that only Italy can offer. There's literally everything you can wish for: Italy boasts a unique combination of art, culture, history and nature, not to mention the extraordinary Italian food. A custom-made trip, tour or holiday in Italy will satisfy every type of traveler.

Take a stroll down the streets and squares in Venice, admire the architectural wonders of Florence or sip a cocktail while admiring a spectacular sunset behind the Imperial Fora in Rome. But Italy is much more than that. There are also beautiful coastal itineraries and museums, historic towns perfectly preserved and towering mountains, metropolitan areas and wheat fields as far as the eye can see.

Places like Tuscany, Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast and cities like Verona, Naples or Siena will definitely turn on the imagination of every traveler worthy of its name.

The beauty of Italy's coastline is unmatched: which country can boast a shoreline like the Italian one? It offers sandy beaches, rocky shores and sea stacks that overlook natural pools so blue they look unreal. Sicily and Sardinia, Italy's largest island, are even better and the Aeolian, Aegadian, La Maddalena or the Tremiti Islands offer breathtaking views and crystal clear waters. Sailing lovers and scuba divers will feel at home here!

Food is an extremely important aspect in the Italian culture. During your perfect trip to Italy you can't miss some deliciuos dishes like pasta, pizza and the oustanding Italian wine. But there are also countless local dishes that will please every food lover out there.

So, if you really want to discover Italy in the best possibile way be sure to browse all the tailormade tours offered by our local experts: your dream holiday is just around the corner.

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Further detail

  • Top bars and restaurants in the Aeolian islands

    There is no other place like Italy to enjoy good cuisine and that is a fact. If you are taking a seaside vacation or cabin charter sailing cruise in the marvellous Aeolian archipelago you will be spoilt for choice as far as food is concerned. So, just to make you even more excited about your upcoming vacation, here is a useful list of the unmissable bars and restaurants.  Hycesia is the ancient name of the island of Panarea in the Aeolian Islands and it's also the name of a unique and cosily furnished restaurant. Hycesia (Via San Pietro 16, Panarea, Lipari, Italy) is today the point of reference for all Mediterranean cuisine lovers in the Aeolian islands. Come enjoy some real seafood delicacies while on cruise!
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  • Top bars and restaurants in the Aegadian islands

    Planning a cabin charter sailing cruise or maybe just a relaxing seaside vacation in the Aegadian archipelago? There is no better way to make your yacht or catamaran holiday unforgettable than to enjoy a good tasty Mediterranean meal after all the sailing and sunbathing! If you are planning to go on vacation in this gem of Italy, here is a list of excellent restaurants where you should absolutely go to. Discover the tasty traditional cusine of the Aegadian Islands in La Scaletta Bar & Restaurant (Via Telegrafo 2 Marettimo, Sicily, Italy) in Marettimo : all the smells of Sicily can be found in the delicious dishes cooked every day bay Giovanni! Have a special lunch or dinner while on your sailing holiday. 
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  • Top 10 bars and restaurants in Milan

    Milan is the Italian capital of fashion and glamorous nightlife. So, if you are planning a visit, tour or vacation in the city of marvellous "Duomo", we have a list of unmissable bars and restaurants where to spend your evenings while enjoying mouthwatering cuisine.  The Botanical Club  (Via Pastrengo 11, Milan) is the first gin microdistillery open to the public in Italy. Discover all its spirit drinks, cocktails and delicious Italian dishes while on tour across the Italian cities.
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Travel experts

  • Stefano Ferrero


    Expert for Piedmont tours, Italy

  • Monia Isacchi


    Travel expert for Lake Como area

  • Richard Rigamonti


    Travel expert for over 30 years in the world of tourism

  • Paolo Armeli


    He knows every secret spot of Sicily and of the Aeolian islands

Why visit Italy

Italy attracts many and many tourists all year round thanks to its natural beauties and landscape, its rich cultural heritage, with its ancient architecture, dating back to the Roman Empire, but also thanks to its  innovative modern architecture and its renowned culinary tradition.

Italy, in fact, is the country with the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. In addition, it also has many protected areas, including national and regional parks, natural reserves and marine protected areas. There are about 871 protected natural areas.

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