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Germany, a European country located in West-Central Europe, boasts a solid and rooted history, cultural heritage and traditions. It has wonderful cities, rich in outstanding historical and architectural monuments, but also picturesque, evocative and lush landscapes. In Germany classical and ancient shapes perfectly merge with new and innovative lines, forming an ideal and unique equilibrium.

During a holiday in Germany, discover the hospitality of its inhabitants and the delicious local dishes in the typical wooden pubs and sip a refreshing beer! Take part in popular festivals, such as the famous Oktoberfest, or the well-known Carnival in Cologne and enjoy all perfumes and colours of this land.

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  • Top 10 bars and restaurants in Berlin

    Berlin, besides being the capital city of Germany, is probably the European capital of many other things. Of techno music for example, or of street art. Exploring Berlin means discovering a city that has much to offer both in terms of art and culture and in terms of underground atmospheres and nightlife. Seeing the remains of the wall, now covered in wall paintings, is an experience that takes you back a couple of decades to a world that seems now past but not forgotten. If you are planning a holiday in Berlin, here is a short guide of the most interesting bars and restaurants you should visit. Looking for an unusual experience while in Berlin ? Reserve a table at dóttir  (Mittelstrasse 40/41, Berlin) and savour excellent Icelandic cuisine cooked by the skilled hands of Victoria Eliasdottir, a chef in love with her home country! Enjoy it while on tour.
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Why visit Germany

Germany is a country member of the European Union situated in west central Europe. A good part of its territory is characterized by the influence of Atlantic winds coming from the west. Winters are mitigated by these wet winds and summers are usually cool, windy, often with the presence of thunderstorms and very dry in the centre.

Germany is famous in history for its role in both World Wars. It was defeated in the first by a powerful alliance. In June 1919 Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles; a treaty that was perceived by the Germans as a humiliating continuation of war. Germany deeply suffered from the effects of the first after-war and of the strong conditions dictated by the Treaty of Versailles, there were lots of insurrections which led to continual political murders. It was the moment, in 1933, in which the president of the Reich appointed Adolf Hitler as the chancellor. Hitler immediately started his campaign based on nationalist ideas of Germany's greatness. The World War II, a blitzkrieg, saw Germany as the growing protagonist. The history of this war is sadly known for the Nazi genocide that led to the death of millions of people, especially Jews, in German concentration camps. Since they lost also the World War II, the areas of Germany were shared among different countries. The most important division was that of Berlin, current capital, that was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin by a wall. The western part, governed by Usa, France and United Kingdom enjoyed a prolonged economic growth which started in the 50s, but we cannot say the same of the Eastern part, governed by the URSS. The wall fell in 1989 and it was one of the most important historical events ever.

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