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A tailormade tour in Iceland is simply impossible to forget. Geysers, volcanoes, glaciers, green expanses: these are only a few of the features that annually attract hundreds of tourists in search of unspoilt nature to this island in Nortern Europe.

Unlike what is usually believed, the climate in the island is quite diversified: rainfalls are heavy, but winters are never too cold, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream. Summers are short and cool.

Visitors are always astonished at the natural beauty of this magical island: there's Vatnajökull, an icy mass in the South Eastern part of the country, hiding several active volcanoes, or the ice lagoon of Jökulsárlón with its enchanting icebergs and its seal colonies, the changing colors from green to brown of Landmannalaugar: Iceland is indeed a triumph of nature! But if you prefer to visit an unusual city instead, the capital Reykjavik won't disappoint you with its colorful houses, its museums of natural and local history and its picturesque alleys.

Design your tailormade tour in Iceland with the help of our travel experts, You won't regret it.

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Why visit Iceland

Iceland is a island country in Northern Europe surronded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Its landscape is shaped by volcanic and geothermical activities because of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, on which Iceland is located. Therefore, most of its territory is covered by mountains, that here and there leave space to wide plateaus and glaciers. The coasts are jagged and host several fjords on the north, while on the south they become more gentle and sandy.

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