Winter Wonderland: the dreamiest winter landscapes in the world

November 16, 2020

Winter lovers all over the world are waiting for this magical time of the year. We created a list of the most wonderful vacation spots where you can find snow, nature, sport and relaxation.

The chill in the air, the crisp morning light, temperatures dropping… winter is soon approaching!
Winter lovers all over the world are waiting for this magical time of the year. With it, come many festivities, time to spend with our dear ones, and a chance to admire the most beautiful winter landscapes nature can offer.
It doesn’t matter if you live in a warm or cold place, there’s always time to dream about the dreamiest winter landscapes in the world.
We created a list of the most wonderful vacation spots where you can find snow, nature, sport and relaxation.

Skiing paradise in Switzerland

Snowy mountains in Switzerland

Switzerland is the country of beautiful, snowy mountains, quiet natural landscapes and chocolate. Its fascinating mix of cultures and languages, along with the refined offer of entertainmanet and lodging, makes it the perfect location for a winter trip.
If you are fond of winter sports, you can find many ski resorts where you can enjoy a week of skiing, snowboarding and so much more.
One the most famous winter vacations spots is Zermatt. It’s a small town, yet it offers more than 200 km of ski slopes. The view from Zermatt’s hotels is stunning, a must for anyone who loves winter and the mountains.

Amazing northern lights in Iceland

Aurora borealis in Iceland

It’s small and scarcely populated, yet Iceland is one of the most charming location for a holiday. It’s especially chosen during the summer months, but it can be very interesting to travel during the coldest months, as well.
When the snow falls Iceland becomes a white, dreamy place where you can be surrounded by nature. Walking on a glacier or admiring the northern lights is one of the most beloved activities for tourists.

Snowy Christmas vibes in Wien

Church in Wien, Austria

Winter is also the time for Christmas and other festivities, a time in which families gather, exchange presents and have fun together.
Austria is famous for its historical cities, beautiful ancient buildings and for its Christmas decorations. Traditional Christmas in Austria involves beautiful lights and decorations all over the city. Visiting Wien during winter can be the perfect chance to enjoy a snowy urban landscape and try some of the traditional food during Christmas time.
And when it’s too cold, you can always find refuge in one of Wien’s many cafés and get a hot chocolate or a slice of Sacher cake.

Dreamy landscape in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled in winter

Slovenia isn’t one of the first countries people look for when travelling in Europe. Despite that, this country has marvelous natural attractions to admire.
While summer in Slovenia is usually loved because of the many festivals and the thermal centers, winter has its own unique charm.
A place that is especially loved by locals and tourists alike is Lake Bled. This incredible lake is renowned all over the world. It has a small isle in its center where the Bled church was built. During winter, it can also freeze, creating a beautiful sight you can hardly forget.

The bustle of Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City in winter

Winter is special because of the snowy mountain tops and the magical, quiet atmosphere. But there are people who’d rather spend winter in busy cities full of energy and life.
That’s why we recommend Quebec City in Canada. During wintertime it becomes a dreamy place, where you can enjoy a stroll around the city, or a visit to its traditional Christmas markets.