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Choosing to go on holiday in Scotland, in the United Kingdom, means to lose oneself in marvellous natural landscapes and charming old castles, or cities still full of culture and traditions.

On the one hand, in fact, you will find the majestic sceneries of the Highlands, with their jagged coasts and the fjords, the valleys, the moors, the rivers, the national parks where the wild sheep and the red deer live. On the other, there are the mysterious castles, hiding stories and legends from the past - the sole city of Aberdeen hosts 17 fortresses - or the wonderful Victorian architectures and the luxurious contemporary palaces. And there's more, because Scotland is full of art, music, local handicraft and traditional clothing still made following the old methods (the famous tartan). 

Don't miss to visit Edimburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen: timeless cities which still manage to be incredibly modern. Include the green island of Skye in your itinerary and make a stop in Loch Ness, famous for its castle and the legendary monster hiding in its waters. Let our travel experts guide you in this charming land - so full of curiosities and interesting people - for your tailormade tour and holiday. We are sure won't be disappointed. 

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  • 5 things you didn't know about Scotland

    In Scotland, which is a land very much tied to its traditions, people do not only speak English and during your tailormade tour you will notice it soon enough. The Scots often prefer to speak Gaelic and Scottish. Gaelic is spoken mainly in the Outer Hebrides islands and bears no resemblance to English since its origins should be traced back to the ancient Celtic people. In the Lowlands you will find instead inhabitants who speak Scottish, more like English, being a language of Germanic origins.
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  • Exploring the Isle of Skye

    The Isle of Skye is a fabulous place, a lush natural paradise rich in history and ancient legends. Skye is the largest of the Inner Hebrides and surprises visitors with its postcard landscapes, including mountains and rugged coastline. Its most iconic natural attractions include the Old Man of Storr, the Quiraing and Cullin : spectacular places to explore with boots and comfortable clothes. Even the villages, picturesque and colorful, will not fail to charm you during your tour of Scotland : after a day of hiking in nature, relax sorrounded by a friendly atmosphere in local restaurants, sipping typical island beers and whiskeys, one of the many symbols of Scotland, perhaps in a pub with the locals. The Isle of Skye is linked to the mainland by a characteristic arched bridge, the Skye Bridge, and jealously cherishes the heritage of the ancient Gaelic culture.
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Why visit Scotland

Scotland is a region that is part of the United Kingdom, located in the northern part of Great Britain and covering about one third of the total area of the island.

Scotland is famous for green fields and grey skies: local flora and fauna indeed offer some unique species. In fact, Scotland boasts some rare animals that are not present in the rest of Europe, such as the Rum mouse, the Soay sheep, a wild Scottish sheep and the red deer. In order to safeguard and preserve this rareness, several national parks and protected areas have been established. Cairngorms National Park hosts a wide variety of landscapes, which include mountains, rainforests and evocative lakes. It is also the home of some endangered animals. In addition, in the park it is possible to practice adventurous open-air activities. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park was the first national park, the perfect habitat for Scottish wildlife, thanks to its green mountains and its forests.

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