Wonders of Creation Tours & Safaris

Wonders of Creation Tours & Safaris

Wonders of Creation Tours and Safari Ltd is an established Tour Operator based in Arusha, Tanzania. Wonders of Creation is dedicated to provide top notch and professional services to all its guests. We welcome you to Africa, an exciting and diverse continent, where snow-capped mountains, Great Rift Valley, exceed every expectation, and the unmatched wildlife is astounding in its diversity.

Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda all offer a wealth of safari opportunities. Wonders of Creation Tours and Safari Ltd, arranges lodge, tented lodge, and camping safaris, trekking, hiking tours and beach holidays all through East African countries. We have well trained guides, drivers, cooks, porters and have a fleet of well-maintained 4×4 safari-built vehicles as well as supply gear and equipment for budget camping safaris and climbing adventures.

Our guests will have the opportunity to explore the dramatic beauty of East Africa in any way they desire. The possibilities are limitless: from the familiar National Parks and Reserves to the more unknown and remote locations, from popular game lodges/camps to exclusive boutique ranches, from balloon tours to camel-back safaris etc. Any combination is possible with us.

Your safari choice/demand is our command   
Whether you are travelling solo or whether you prefer a family safari on a private basis or whether you are interested in joining a group, our sales team at Wonders of Creation are on standby and ready to assist you on your safari needs as well as provide you with professional advice accordingly.

Best Safari Prices/Deals Guaranteed
We know a safari can be pricey, but we guarantee that we're giving you the best deal on your travel. We don't want your trip to Africa to be a once in a lifetime experience, we want you to do it again, and again! Through nurtured relationships with our suppliers, we can offer you the best safari price deals. With Wonders of Creation, you'll never pay more than you should!

Tailor-made Itineraries
Just like the stripes on every zebra’s back, each of our tailor-made itineraries is unique. Every journey has a personality, carefully designed to match the desires and expectations our guests bring to the table. Every element is taken into consideration and stitched together to create a personalized safari experience, grown from seed and cultivated to embody the perfect adventure. Our tailored itineraries are your safari dreams, defined.


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