The city of Campeche, Mexico, with its four hundred years of history is the oldest city placed in the same name's region, and it boasts a lots of statements of the Mayan culture.

Its name came from the Mayan city of "Kan Pech", nowadays popular as San Francisco de Campeche

The architectural aspect of this area is characterized by many buildings of civil, religious and military feature built from the XVI° to the XIX° century.

Among the things to do in Campeche, definitely can not miss its historic center: among the best preserved of the whole Mexico and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. This place is divided in three areas: the walls, the area of San Francisco (where have lived for centuries the Maya population) and the area of San Román, where the Mexican indigenous and mulattos settled.

In the old town there's also what can be considered the symbol of Campeche: the Cathedral, with its twin towers which depart from the main body of the building; inside the building are preserved some valuable religious sculptures, like the Burial Christ.

Other important buildings are the churches of San Román and San Francisquito, the House of Teniente Rey and the ancient Temple of San José, the perimetral walls with its decorated doors and its protective fortifications.

To sum up, the last attraction of Campeche is the surrounding nature, characterized by the lush mangrove forests that extend to the sea.