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Discover Tunisia, North Africa, following the tips and suggestions of our travel experts. Visit the beautiful capital city of Tunis, built on the ruins of the ancient Carthage, or get lost in Hammamet, its architectures and wonderful beaches. Do not miss Port El Kantaoui, a famous tourist center in the heart of the country.

Finally, ride a dromedary and let yourself be mesmerized by the Sahara desert. A holiday or tailormade tour you'll surely never forget: our local travel experts are eager to help you design the trip of a lifetime.

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Why visit Tunisia

Tunisia is a republic situated in the northernmost part of Africa. Its capital city is Tunis and the country is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean sea to the north and east. Tunisia contains part of the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountainsThe plain of Sahel stretches along the eastern coast, while the land comprised between the Dorsal and the inland hills is covered in steppes. The southern area is mostly semi-arid or desert.

The climate is typically Mediterranean in the north, with mild winters and hot summers, while the southern part of the country is characterized by desert temperatures. Flora and fauna are similar to those of the nearby Mediterranean countries, but Tunisia is especially famous for its orange flowers, mainly used in cosmetic and perfume industry. Other common plants are buganvillea and jasmine, while roses of Jericho grow in the desert.

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