Tunisia - Useful information for your trip

Tunisia is a republic situated in the northernmost part of Africa. Its capital city is Tunis and the country is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean sea to the north and east. Tunisia contains part of the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountainsThe plain of Sahel stretches along the eastern coast, while the land comprised between the Dorsal and the inland hills is covered in steppes. The southern area is mostly semi-arid or desert.

The climate is typically Mediterranean in the north, with mild winters and hot summers, while the southern part of the country is characterized by desert temperatures. Flora and fauna are similar to those of the nearby Mediterranean countries, but Tunisia is especially famous for its orange flowers, mainly used in cosmetic and perfume industry. Other common plants are buganvillea and jasmine, while roses of Jericho grow in the desert.

Several animal species are under Government protection since they are in danger of extinction: they include screwhorn antelopes, berber goats, gemsboks, ostriches and fennec foxes. Dromedaries have a strategic function: they are used as a means of  transport or pack animals, but they also give milk, meat and leather which are essential for people living in the desert.

Tunisia is nowadays an export-oriented country with a diverse economy, ranging from agriculture to manufacturing and mining. Petroleum and tourism also play a key role. The industrial sector primarily revolves around clothing and footwear, the production of electric machinery and car parts. Even if Tunisia was ranked among the most competitive countries in Africa by World Economic Forum in 2009, many young people still find it hard to find a job and unemployment rates are still high.

Among the country’s main attractions are the capital city, the cosmopolitan Tunis, built on the ruins of the ancient Carthage, the city of Hammamet with its golden beaches and the “ghorfas”, vaulted architectures used by the Berber people to store grain. Port el Kantaoui, a tourist center in central Tunisia, is also worth a visit: it was erected around a large harbour and its buildings were modelled on traditional Tunisian white and blue architecture. Finally, tourists will be amazed by El Jem coliseum, erected by the Romans not far from the coast, and the stunning Sahara desert.

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