Zambia - Useful information for your trip

How is travelling to Zambia? It is a trip across an unexplored country, untouched by mass tourism, where nature still reigns wild and supreme. If you decide to take a tour in Zambia, you probably wish to see the mighty Victoria Falls, the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, declared Unesco Heritage Site. But do not stop at the falls, which are certainly a sensational sight: this land has many gems to offer.

Zambia is a country in South-Central Africa, with Lusaka as a capital city: its territory is landlocked and mostly consists of plateaus. The western part is characterized by vast floodplains, usually inundated during the wet season, which goes from October to April. The eastern part is covered by the savannah, where the climate is more arid, while the northern area is covered by equatorial rainforest, along the mighty river Zambezi, forming Victoria Falls, the widest waterfalls in the world. On the other hand, the Congo basin contains Lake Tanganyika, whose tributary is river Kalambo, on the border with Tanzania, originating Kalambo Falls, the second highest waterfalls in Africa after Tugela in South Africa. 

The climate in Zambia is tropical: temperatures are mild on the plateaus during the dry season lasting from May to November, while rainfalls become more frequent during the summer. Most of the country is covered by savannah or by sparse vegetation which forms the so-called "tree-veld". This area is populated by large mammals such as leopards, hyenas, jackals and, in some northern areas, even elephants. Many species of antelopes also live here. Finally, there are also numerous types of birds, reptiles and insects, including tse tse flies. 

During a trip to Zambia, if you are brave enough, you can try sailing along the Zambezi River on a local boat and maybe even try your hand at fishing. If you are looking for the Big 5, the huge African animals, you will be surprised by the great national parks, Luangwa and Zambezi, where you can enjoy unforgettable safaris and game drives escorted by the local rangers.

If the human aspects also attracts you, you won't be disappointed. The population of Zambia is made up of several ethnic groups who have generated a diverse culture, featuring different rituals, music and dances. If you want to learn more about the history of the country, visit Livingstone Railway Museum, Lusaka National Museum, which offers an insight of the traditions of the country, and finally Livingstone Museum, the largest and oldest in Zambia.

Our local travel experts know all the secrets that will make you appreciate this country to the fullest, travelling in complete safety: trust them with the creation of your tailormade tour, journey and vacation. It will be a life-changing trip.