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We're taking you to Zambia on a holiday and tailormade tour! A trip to Zambia is recommended for those who love unexplored destinations since the country offers wild and untouched natural landscapes.

Zambia is considered "the real unexplored gem of Africa", because it boasts incomparable natural environments, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and endemic animals. Stroll along the paths of its protected areas, where flora and fauna are safeguarded and enjoy the magical atmosphere and the stress of your everyday life will be nothing more than a distant memory. Your tour will certainly include the charming Victoria Falls, considered one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the whole world and declared World Heritage Site by Unesco. You can then set off for the ultimate wild nature adventure sailing along mighty Zambezi River, spotting wildlife on the banks, or trying your hand at fishing like the locals.

Do not miss the chance for a safari in search of the Big 5, the giants of the savannah, in majestic Luangwa National Park or Zambezi National Park. Let yourself be fascinated by the local people of Zambia, an aspect which will add value to your trip.  The local population is made up of several different ethnic groups, which have generated a rich and heterogeneous culture within the country's borders. The different tribes have several rituals, belifes, customs, dances and music, each with a unique charm deserving to be discovered and understood.

Do not miss the chance to visit one of the most remote and almost unknown countries in the world, where tourism is not much developed yet. Immerse yourself in the most authentic Africa with the help of our local travel experts who will reveal all the most hidden secrets of this land and will assist you in creating your own tailormade tour. It will be the journey of a lifetime.

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Travel ideas in Zambia

  • Rivers and Rainbows in Zambia shaddy-nkoma Travel proposals

    Tour | 8 days | No flight

    Rivers and Rainbows in Zambia

    Seven nights combining the luxurious bush camps of South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, one of the gems of Africa. As the Luangwa river rises and becomes navigable by mid-January, the valley is at perhaps its most dramatic and beautiful. The bush is in its fullest flush of growth, rivers and lagoons are brimming and boating safaris take you eye to eye with hippos and crocodiles. Your itinerary will allow you to admire: Magnificent sky and sunsets A wealth of migratory birds Crystal clear ...

    Visited places: South Luangwa National Park


  • Zambia - Classic Luangwa willie-shuma Travel proposals

    Tour | 11 days | No flight

    Zambia - Classic Luangwa

    This classic Luangwa safari will enable you to experience the best of the bountiful South Luangwa in Zambia, one of the most fascinating places in all Africa. T his itinerary will give you the best opportunity and plenty of time to combine walking and driving safaris and explore the amazing variety of habitat and species of the South Luangwa, with award winning guides in small, remote camps – exploring a landscape unchanged for thousands of years. Bush camps have all been ...

    Visited places: South Luangwa National Park


  • Zambia - Two Rivers package for the whole family willie-shuma Travel proposals

    Tour | 10 days | No flight

    Zambia - Two Rivers package for the whole family

    A wonderful 10-day tours in Zambia, one of the wildest and most fascinating lands in Africa, perfect for the whole family. You'll take part in memorable safaris on Chongwe and Zambezi rivers during the day and at night you'll be accommodated in some of the best camps in the entire continent. Here are some of the activities included in your itinerary: Driving and walking safaris in search of the Big Five Fishing in Chongwe river or Zambezi, renowned for being home to the tiger fish ...

    Visited places: South Luangwa National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park


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    Willie is a professional guide boasting many years of experience

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    Shaddy is a professional guide, he guides travel goups during ...

Why visit Zambia

How is travelling to Zambia? It is a trip across an unexplored country, untouched by mass tourism, where nature still reigns wild and supreme. If you decide to take a tour in Zambia, you probably wish to see the mighty Victoria Falls, the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, declared Unesco Heritage Site. But do not stop at the falls, which are certainly a sensational sight: this land has many gems to offer.

Zambia is a country in South-Central Africa, with Lusaka as a capital city: its territory is landlocked and mostly consists of plateaus. The western part is characterized by vast floodplains, usually inundated during the wet season, which goes from October to April. The eastern part is covered by the savannah, where the climate is more arid, while the northern area is covered by equatorial rainforest, along the mighty river Zambezi, forming Victoria Falls, the widest waterfalls in the world. On the other hand, the Congo basin contains Lake Tanganyika, whose tributary is river Kalambo, on the border with Tanzania, originating Kalambo Falls, the second highest waterfalls in Africa after Tugela in South Africa. 

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