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Discover Singapore, the "tiger" of the Indian Ocean in Asia.

Splendid islands, modern cities, dream beaches, comfortable means of transport and all kinds of shopping, not to mention a rich and varied cuisine. Let our travel experts guide you across this unique archipelago. 

Your tailormade tour and vacation will be simply unforgettable. 

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Why visit Singapore

Singapore is a city state in south-east Asia, situated on the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. It's made up of 63 islands, the largest of which is Singapore island, where the metropolis bearing the same name is situated.

As for morphology, the highest point in the island state is Bukit Timah hill, 166 meters above sea level. Many are the rivers and lakes on the islands. The main river is Singapore, traversing the metropolis and flowing into the Indian Ocean. Around 23% of the territory is made up of forests and nature reserves. Urban development has considerably reduced the extension of forests, except in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, still containing a vast rainforest. Furthermore, the National Orchid Garden in Singapore's botanical gardens is home to three thousand species of orchids. The fauna in Singapore includes 52 mammal species, 364 bird species, 103 reptile species, 28 amphibian species, 301 types of butterflies, 127 types of dragonflies and over two thousand registered marine species. 

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