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Rwanda is a country located in Central Africa characterized by a mountainous and hilly landscape covered by verdant rainforest and herbaceous savannahs which are just ideal for safaris.

During a trip to Rwanda do not forget to visit its renowned national parks, such as Akagera National Park and Volcanoes National Park, where it is possible to spot some rare mountain gorillas. If you wish to relax on charming beaches, enjoy a day at Kivu Lake, which offers some of the most beautiful lake beaches of the whole continent.

Of course, here it is also possible to visit dynamic and gaudy cities, such as the capital, Kigali, which is located on the top of a hill and offers unforgettable views of the endless valleys, or Butare that is the cultural centre of the country. In the villages it is possible to find handicraft products, simple but precious souvenirs, that will remind you of your wonderful vacation. Some of the most characteristic products are baskets, batik, drums and little statues. Finally, do not forget to taste the delicious local dishes.

Whether you are looking for a safari to discover gorillas, a tailormade tour to explore the lush nature or a fun holiday to learn something on the local communities, our travel experts will organize a tailormade itinerary suitable for you. Discover the tailormade tours proposed and live your exciting holiday!

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Why visit Rwanda

Rwanda is a country located in Central Africa without any access to the sea. Its territory is mainly mountainous and hilly, this is why, it is often called "Country of thousand hills". The most important mountain range is Virunga chain situated to the North-Western part of the country; it also hosts many active volcanoes.

Being set just below the Equator, the weather in Rwanda is pleasantly warm during the whole year and shows two seasons: a dry one, from June to August, and a rainy season, which spans from March to May and from September to November. Although the temperatures are quite high, the sun never shines too often, due to the white clouds that often cover the sky.

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