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A journey to Russia, between Asia and Europe, among different cultures, traditions, landscapes and lifestyles, is to be scheduled at least once in a lifetime.

This immense country, the largest in the world, features several climates, from the polar of the north to the almost tropical weather of the Black Sea coasts. It's the perfect destination for those in search of a journey which combines history, nature, art and culture. Plenty are the national parks and the protected areas, the most famous ones are Losinij Ostrov Park and Soči Park, that are also the oldest.

It's impossible not to visit the big cities, with their marvellous archiectures. Surely you must include Moscow in your itinerary: this city is so chaotic and yet charming, with the emblematic Red Square in which Lenin's Mausoleum rises, the Kremlin and the colorful Cathedral of Saint Basil. And there's more: let yourself be charmed by Saint Petersburg, Niznij Novogorod, Kazan, Irkutsk and Ekaterinburg. For the most adventorous, there is also fascinating timeless Siberia, maybe to be crossed by train, magical Lake Bajkal, or even Karelia, where to try snowmobile and husky sledge safaris.

A breath-taking holiday and tailormade tour: let our travel experts guide you, we're sure that Russia and its many wonders will not let you down. 

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Travel ideas in Russia

  • The Tsars’ Capitals - Russia tour from Moscow to St.Petersburg natalia-rumyantseva Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 8 days | No flight

    The Tsars’ Capitals - Russia tour from Moscow to St.Petersburg

    An amazing Russia tour across the two tsars'capitals, from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. During your trip, you will notice that while one city is   effervescent, with great architectural majesty, the other is marked by history and art. Both old and enchanting cities, Moscow and St.Petersburg will enrapture you with their timeless charm.

    Visited places: Moscow, Saint Petersburg


  • Tour of Moscow - The heart of Russia natalia-rumyantseva Travel proposals

    Tour | 5 days | No flight

    Tour of Moscow - The heart of Russia

    Visit beautiful Moscow ! A unique city in the heart of Russia with a unique history. A city that does not leave anyone indifferent. You travel through history at every step and at the same time are amazed of the modern architectural buildings that peacefully coexist with the past. This amazing symbiosis attracts a lot of foreigners coming for a business trip, studies, or just to travel and learn about Russian culture and traditions. During 5 amazing days you will explore:   The ...

    Visited places: Moscow


  • Russia Tour with Moscow and Golden Ring natalia-rumyantseva Travel proposals

    Tour | 9 days | No flight

    Russia Tour with Moscow and Golden Ring

    Discover the splendors of Russia on this incredible tour starting and ending in Moscow. The Red Square, the Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Metro, the never-ending cultural and economic life in the capital will leave you with unforgettable memorise. Then spend some time visiting the ancient cities of the Golden Ring and the Russian countryside.

    Visited places: Moscow, Pereslavl Zaleski, Yarotzlav , Suzdal'


  • Winter tour of Karelia in Russia natalia-rumyantseva Travel proposals

    Tour | 3 days | No flight

    Winter tour of Karelia in Russia

    Enjoy this three-day tour and discover the wonders of Karelia, a federal constituent region of Russia, located in North Europe. In winter, when snow covers the lands and the forests, Karelia transforms itself into a real magical place characterized by sparkling sunshine and fresh, frosty air. During the tour, these are the highlight of your vacation: Visit of a sled dog kennel ; Visit of the village Rubcheyla, in which you can get in contact with Karelian hospitality, cuisine and ...

    Visited places: Petrozavodsk, Saint Petersburg


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  • Top 10 bars and restaurants in Moscow

    Moscow, Russia's capital city, is chaotic and yet charming, full of shopping boulevards and a majestic historic heritage, from the Red Square to the Kremlin and St. Basil Cathedral. If you are planning a holiday or tailormade tour in Moscow here is a mini-guide to the best eateries around the city. Crayfish from Kamchatka, scallops, Baltic sturgeon and many delicious Russian dishes: stop by at SAVVA (Teatralnyy pr-d, 2, Moscow, Russia). Your vacation in Moscow will be even more enjoyable!
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  • What to see in Moscow

    Large squares, tree-lined avenues, majestic parks and monuments: Moscow can leave visitors speechless. Always crowded, both in summer and winter, the capital of Russia is certainly one of the main attractions and an unmissable stop on a trip to this country. Not only the Kremlin, the Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral: the beauties of Moscow also include luxury shops, boutiques, gourmet restaurants and 4 and 5-star hotels. An elegant and culturally rich city, where getting lost is easy. Here is a guide to the must-see attractions during a stay or a weekend in Moscow.
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  • What to see in Saint Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is Russia 's second most important city after Moscow. A port city on the Baltic Sea, it was an imperial capital for two centuries. Its name derives from Peter the Great, who founded it in 1703. St. Petersburg is a very rich city from the cultural point of view, its heritage includes the fabulous Hermitage complex. During a trip to Russia, you cannot miss a visit to St. Petersburg. Here is what you should absolutely see during a stay or a weekend in this charming city.
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  • Siberia and Trans-Siberian

    Siberia, whose name probably means "sleeping land" in ancient Turkish, is a vast region of Russia, stretching from the Ural mountains to the Pacific Ocean, from the Altai mountains to the Arctic Sea. The population that inhabits this huge territory is very scarce, even if with great differences from region to region. From this point of view, in fact, Siberia can be divided into three parts: Western Siberia, a flat territory from the Urals to the Jenisei; Eastern Siberia, more mountainous, from the Jenisei to the Lena, and the Far East, including the Amur valley, the Pacific coasts and the Kamčatka peninsula to Vladivostok. If you are about to leave for a trip to Siberia, you are intrepid and courageous travelers, who do not fear the cold and the great silences. But this land will give you unique emotions, both in terms of natural beauty and meeting with the local population.
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  • Karelia: things to do

    Karelia is a region that extends between Russia, Sweden and Finland. It is a territory of ancient history, home of the Karelians, people of northern Europe. This region was long disputed between the three countries; after the Russian revolution, Russian Karelia became the autonomous republic of the Soviet Union, which since 1991 has taken the name of the Republic of Karelia. A land of ice and forests, Karelia is a region of Russia that not many know, often omitted during a trip to the vast country. In fact, there are many interesting activities that snow and nature lovers can practice here: from hiking on sledges pulled by huskies to skiing. Did we intrigue you? Let's discover together the wonders and attractions of the Russian Karelia.
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  • What to see at Lake Bajkal

    Lake Bajkal is a beautiful lake in southern Siberia, Russia, often a stop on many tours in this boundless country. Unesco heritage since 1996 and part of the Seven Wonders of Russia, it extends over 31,700 square kilometers, one of the largest lakes in the world. It is located near a very deep tectonic pit and is embraced by several mountain ranges, in a region with an extremely rigid climate and characterized by strong temperature ranges. Lake Bajkal is fed by 336 rivers, of which the main ones are Selenga, Barguzin, Verchnjaja Angara, Turka and Snežnaja. In winter the surface of the lake freezes until May; moreover, it is often beaten by a wind called Sarma by the local inhabitants.
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  • The Seven Wonders of Russia

    The Seven Wonders of Russia are the seven most beautiful places in the country, voted by the Russian people during a survey launched by the newspaper Izvestija, by the television channel Rossija 1 and by the radio station Radio Majak between October 1st 2007 and June 10th 2008. On June 12, 2008, on the occasion of the celebrations for the Day of Russia, the winners were listed. The Seven Wonders of Russia include both natural attractions and architectural heritage: since Russia is an exterminated country, we realize that it is impossible to see them all in one trip, but it is worth including some of them in your itinerary.
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  • What to see in Kazan

    Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is not among the most famous cities in Russia, yet it is full of fascinating attractions. First of all its Kremlin (exactly, there is not only that of Moscow!) and then its mosque, among the largest in Europe. Sixth city of Russia, Kazan is marked by the coexistence of different religious beliefs, rich in natural resources and home to the 2013 Universiade and some World Cup matches in 2018. It is located at the meeting point of the Volga and Kazanka rivers, 820 kilometers from the capital Moscow. If you have chosen to include it on your itinerary to discover Russia, here is what to see in Kazan.
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  • What to see in Irkutsk

    Irkutsk is a city in Russia, located in Siberia 5185 km from the capital of Moscow, on the banks of the Angara River that flows into the Irkut River. The optimal starting point for tours of Lake Baikal and a stop along the Trans-Siberian, it has very harsh climates, with an average annual temperature of -0.6 ° C. The coldest month is January, when the temperature drops 20 degrees below zero, while in the summer, in its hottest month, July, barely reaches 18. However, if the harsh climate does not scare you, the most important city in Siberia is worth a visit. Founded in 1562 as a commercial outpost, it developed to the point to be dubbed "the Paris of Siberia". A dramatic curiosity: as in other cities of Siberia, its population is mainly composed of descendants of deported by the Tsarist regime and later Stalinist. Did we intrigue you? Here is a mini guide to the sights to see in Irkutsk.
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Travel experts

  • Natalia Rumyantseva


    Travel and tourism expert in Russia

Why visit Russia

Russia is a transcontinental country stretching across Europe and Asia. It is the largest country in the world and borders with the highest numbers of other countries. Moreover, it is lapped by many different seas. To its west there is the Baltic Sea, to the north the Arctic Sea Ice, to the East the Pacific Ocean and to the south the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Despite its large extension, Russia has a quite homogeneous territory. Indeed, it is mainly characterized by wide plains and in the eastern part by mountains. What changes according to its latitude are the weather conditions and the features of the landscape. The northern coasts are characterized by polar climate and covered by tundra; the northern zones of the inland boast a cold temperate climate and are covered by taiga, while the innermost parts feature a continental climate and are dominated by steppes. Finally, the short coastline facing the Black Sea has a humid sub-tropical climate.

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