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Palestine, a troubled land in the Middle East of Asia, has much to offer to those who decide to visit its territory.

Surely a holiday that is bound to be life-changing, a journey to the Palestinian territories will leave you literally breathless: it cannot be a common tourist vacation. Visit stunning East Jerusalem, which Palestinians claim as their capital city, where the Old City, the place in which the three great religions meet, is sure to fascinate its visitors. Then travel back in time visiting Bethlehem, with the Church of the Nativity, right where Jesus was born. 

Finally, Ramallah: the actual capital city of the state, so full of nightlife entertainment with its cinemas, discos and concerts.

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  • Palestine tour - Hiking trails and culture suhaila-yousef Travel proposals

    Tour | 8 days | No flight

    Palestine tour - Hiking trails and culture

    Discover Palestine, situated in the Middle East, its ancient architecture, its iconic archaeological and historical sites, vibrant culture and social life. Palestine is the location that gave birth to the three religions with most followers in the world: your holiday and tour is bound to be an experience that you'll never forget. Come and enjoy the culture, food, natural flora, the warm climate year-round of this land, and experience Palestinian hospitality during a unique vacation. ...

    Visited places: Ramallah, Bethlehem, East Jerusalem


  • Short tour of Palestine suhaila-yousef Travel proposals

    Tour | 5 days | No flight

    Short tour of Palestine

    A short tour to introduce you to Palestine and its great cultural heritage. With this 5-day program, you’ll get a glimpse of the country that has mystically captured so many hearts and remained in the spotlight for ages.  This package allows you to choose the city in which you want to be accommodated, and from which you’ll go on day trips to explore the most popular Palestinian Cities.  You can either stay in Bethlehem, the Birthplace of Jesus, Jerusalem, where ...

    Visited places: Ramallah


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    Travel and tourism expert for Palestine

Why visit Palestine

Palestine is a region in the Middle East of Asia, sorrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Jordan river, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea and Egypt. Troubled by decades of wars with Israel, Palestine nowadays claims East Jerusalem as its capital city, while "de facto" the main city is Ramallah.

Palestine is crossed north by Jordan river which divides it in two parts, West Bank to the west and Transjordan to the east. The West Bank, being the largest and most fertile area, is home to the most important cities and is again subdivided into Galilee, Samaria and Judea. Palestine is situated in the subtropical region and its climate is characterized by two main seasons, winter or rainy seasons, lasting from November to March, and summer, or dry season, from April to October.

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