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New Zealand is capable to meet the needs of every kind of travellers. This amazing island country, rich in suggestive and contrasting landscapes, is surrounded by the waters of Pacific Ocean and will give you only strong emotions.

Not only does New Zealand offer long sandy, white and black beaches, lush and tropical vegetation, a crystal-clear sea, suitable for those who love scuba diving and snorkelling, it also provides several cultural places on one hand, and entertainment on the other one.

Every years many festivals are celebrated on the island, such as the International Film Festival, Gisborne Food and Wine Festival and the Auckland Marathon, uncountable are also the fashionable clubs and the famous bars where to spend your nights while waiting for the first lights of dawn. New Zealand also boasts several colonial towns, such as Ponsoby, the district of Parnell and Russell.

During your tailromade tour and holiday in New Zealand do not forget to taste the typical dishes and drinks. Among the local courses there are kumara, a sweet potato, which grows only on the island, pavlova, a kiwi and strawberries meringue, while the "national" drink is L&P, a sort of mix between sprite and lemonade, but even sweeter.

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  • Auckland: What to do

    If you are visiting Auckland, New Zealand, you are about to be stunned by the variety of things to do in this incredible city. Modern and sophisticated as well as close to pristine nature, your holiday here can last from a week to a month. In order to make your vacation even more unforgettable, we have a list of eateries that will leave you literally speechless.  The craziest seafood, cocktail and icecream experience is waiting for you on beautiful Waiheke island near Auckland at The Oyster Inn (124 Oceanview Rd, Oneroa, Auckland 1081, New Zealand).
    Enjoy an unforgettable break sorrounded by stunning landscapes while exploring New Zealand on tour.
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Why visit New Zealand

New Zealand is a long and narrow island country located in the Pacific Ocean. It comprises two main landmasses: North Island and South Island and several other islets. Its capital city is Auckland

Both the main islands are characterized by mountainous profiles. On the South Island the highest peaks are located, belonging to the Southern Alps, such as Mount Cook that reaches 3754 m. The weather is generally temperate and maritime although there are often precipitations.

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