Expirience Pro Travel

Expirience Pro Travel

Who We Are?

EXPERIENCE PRO TRAVEL is a company that operates as a member of JORDAN EXPERIENCE TOURISTIC GROUP.  Jordan Experience Touristic Group  is established in 1998. and soon has become the largest inbound tour operator in Jordan as well as in the Middle – East. Members of JORDAN EXPERIENCE TOURISTIC GROUP are  agencies in Romania, Spain, Russia and others.  Owned and operated by Mr. Saleh Helalat.

Experience Pro Travel

Our main goal in Balkan is to enhance incoming (inbound) tourism, but we have also plans for taking tourists to Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Europe and other destinations. Customer satisfaction & quality services is the prime target.

Our Belgrade team is run & managed by a team of qualified professionals having years of experience in handling tourist from all around the world.

How We Work?

Experience Pro Travel is an agency that thinks about you and your vacation! Welcome to Balkan, Welcome to Experience Pro Travel !

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