Turkmenistan - Useful information for your trip

Turkmenistan is a country in Asia overlooking the Caspian Sea with Ashgabat as a capital and rich in gas fields. Turkmenistan's landscape is spectacular, although the country is occupied by the Karakum desert to almost 90%. To the east lie the canyons and Kugitang Green Mountains Nature Reserve, while to the south the chain of Kopet Dag extends. The territory near the Caspian Sea presents canyons north of Türkmenbaşy, while the multi-colored mountains and the lunar landscape make it one of the most scenic areas of the country.

The most popular species that characterizes the fauna of Turkmenistan is the Akhal-Teke, a horse with golden hues. The camels are widespread and you can also see them in villages and cities. In Karakum wildlife also included the zemzen lizard, the rare desert crocodile or gray lizard. It is easy to spot even desert foxes, owls and desert squirrel.

Tarantulas and black widows are native species, although difficult to spot. The season of snakes is reduced to the months of April and May. In the desert you can find even cobras, vipers and scorpions. The climate is arid continental, with cold winters and hot summers.

The economy is predominantly rural, and about half of the irrigated area is used to grow cotton. In addition to cotton, the country, however, also produces fruit, grapes and a few other products. Widespread, however, is also livestock breeding, once predominantly nomadic, but today sedentary after the construction of numerous wells and concentrated on sheep, for meat and wool. In the Caspian Sea fishing is also common mainly for sturgeon and trout.

Important are the reserves of natural gas and oil, less relevant are those of tungsten and mercury. Overall the economy, although growing, is struggling to take off and is currently rather weak. During a trip to Turkmenistan worth visiting is the capital Ashgabat, the majestic Karakum desert, the fabulous crater of Darvaza called "Gates of Hell" and then the many breathtaking natural landscapes.