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Suriname, a small state in South America, is a real biodiversity paradise. For those looking for pristine nature, this land of charming beaches and lush equatorial forest is a really interesting destination.

Still little known to mass tourism, Suriname offers protected natural areas which are among the most beautiful in the world, such as Palmentuin and Brownsberg Nature Park, or Tukunari island with its breath-taking views. But also those who love art and culture will not be disappointed during a holiday in this country. The capital city of Paramaribo has plenty to offer: besides the colonial architectures dating back to the Dutch rule, here you'll find a beautiful cathedral, mosques and synagogues showing how multiethnic this land actually is.

Finally, let yourself be enchanted by the music, the traditions and the handcraft products of the locals. It will be an unforgettable vacation or tailormade tour, guided by our travel experts across the most picturesque destinations of Suriname.

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  • Sipaliwini Jungle Tour in Suriname norman-mac-intosh Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 8 days | No flight

    Sipaliwini Jungle Tour in Suriname

    Discover incredible Suriname, South America, a real paradise of biodiversity, with this unique tour in the jungle. Kwamalasamutu is the largest native village, where the great chief of Sipaliwini resides. This village is situated on the river Sipaliwini. The sorrounding area is the natural habitat of the blue poison dart frog ("Okopipi"), while the newly discovered caves host  ten thousand year old impressive rock carvings. Discover all of this and more with this amazing ...

    Visited places: Kwamalasamutu , Sipaliwini, Mamia, Paramaribo


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Why visit Suriname

Suriname is a country in South America with Paramaribo as a capital city, corresponding to the former Dutch colony known as Dutch Guiana. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the north and its official language is Dutch. Its main mountain ranges are Wilhelmina Mountains and Mitaraka Massif, while the main rivers include Coppename, Courantyne, Kabalebo, Lawa, Litani and Lucie. The main lake is Brokopondo.

The climate in Suriname is mainly tropical, with abundant precipitation especially in the interior and along the coasts. 11.5% of the land is protected and vegetation is mostly characterized by equatorial forest. A typical animal species of Suriname is the Andean cock-of-the-rock, a bird with bright orange plumage (the female is grey) which builds its nests near granitic masses.

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