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Mozambique is a beautiful and unique country located in South East Africa. If you decide to travel to this untame land, you'll discover that it boasts several artistic, historical and natural gems. Stroll the narrow alleys of its cities, surround yourself with local people, breathe and enjoy the traditional flavours of this country tasting local cuisine. Its colonial cities, such as Inhambane, will strike you for their evocative atmosphere, impressing every kind of visitor. Admire the buildings in Portuguese style and the majestic cathedrals that will give you an insight on the historical background of Mozambique. On the other hand, visiting the colourful markets will reveal something of the old traditions which are still alive among the locals.

But a holiday in Mozambique should not just cover the cities, because the great asset of this country is nature. Mozambique offers several national parks and protected areas, where it is possible to admire rich wild nature and lush tropical trees spotting endemic animals. Do not miss the coastline with its breath-taking scenery: white sandy beaches caressed by a crystal clear sea and a rich ecosystem make it the ideal destination for practising water sports, especially snorkeling, thanks to transparent sea bottoms and a lively underwater habitat.

At the end of the day, spend time relaxing on the beach, admiring the horizon and the rays of light coloring the sea, feel the wind shaping the dunes and you'll realize how lucky you are to have come to this place. Let our local travel experts guide you: they know this land better than anyone else because they were born and bred right here, in Africa. Follow their advice and design your tailormade tour, choosing the itinerary which better suits your needs and live the perfect vacation. ViviTravels offers you the chance to create your once-in-a-lifetime trip in few easy steps.

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  • Diving among whale sharks and mantas of Mozambique anneliese-korsch Travel proposals

    Tour | group | 6 days | No flight

    Diving among whale sharks and mantas of Mozambique

    This amazing trip is dedicated to those who love scuba diving, in fact the itinerary offers the chance to enjoy the magic world of Mozambique's sea. From Maputo you will   reach the coast of Praia do Tofo where you will have the opportunity of Scuba diving on an array of reefs in the area or taking an ocean safari to snorkel with the gentle whale shark giants. Days will be spent doing two tank dives and afternoons can be set aside to enjoy beach's activities or explore the ...

    Visited places: Praia do Tofo, Maputo


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Why visit Mozambique

Welcome to Mozambique, a marvelous country located in South East Africa, where dream beaches, wild nature and picturesque colonial cities await. If you are planning a trip, you might need to know that the north feature highlands cut by the Great Rift Valley, and the central and southern part are mainly flat and traversed by several rivers. The climate of Mozambique is tropical and uniform all around the country.

Why travel to Mozambique? The reasons are many. The charming natural landscapes inhabited by endemic animal and vegetable species should already be reason enough. The flora includes tropical trees, growing lush all across the country, although the southern area, features arid and desert stretches here and there. Some of the most common trees are baobab, mahogany, ebony, bamboo and tamarind. Also the fauna is very rich and includes several primates, lemurs, elephants, rhinos, zebras, buffalos and antelopes, but also many marine species, such as humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays. The richness of the maritime ecosystem of Mozambique makes this country suitable to practice snorkelling and scuba diving. If you are keen on these water sports, you'll find your paradise here.

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