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A vacation in Morocco is impossible to forget; it's a journey through mosques, colors, aromas, bazaars and beautiful architecture.

Discover its charming colonial cities, such as Marrakech, with its Medina and squares full of acrobats, snake charmers, dancers, musicians and much more. And then again, Fez, a stronghold of the country's culture, with its markets selling any kind of products. Finally, enjoy a stop in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, and Casablanca, the largest city in the country. Explore the desert accompanied by local guides and in the evening enjoy some relax in a luxury hotel. Then set off again to discover the huge historical and cultural heritage of Morocco.

Let our travel experts guide you in this magical land, you won't be disappointed. Your tailormade tour and vacation will be absolutely unforgettable.

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Why visit Morocco

Morocco is a country located in North Africa, its coasts are lapped by the Mediterranean Sea and Strait of Gibraltar on the North, and by the Atlantic Ocean on the West.

Its territory is characterized by two mountain ranges: Rif mountains are located near the Mediterranean coast, while the Atlas Mountains extend along the whole state and include the highest peaks of the country. Morocco also feautures several rivers, lakes and lagoons. The rivers are often poor of water because of rare precipitation, this is why they are not suitable for navigation. Anyway, they are used to irrigate the nearby fields and produce hydroelectric energy. Due to the large extension of this land, Morocco's regions have different weather conditions.

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