Jamaica - Useful information for your trip

Jamaica, also called "The Land of Wood and Water", is an island located in the Caribbean Sea belonging to the Greater Antilles. It is a country of Central America.

The morphology of the island is characterized by different features, such as majestic mountain ranges with Blue Mountain Peak, 2256 m high, wide plateaus, with amazing landscapes, alluvial plains, which extend to the south-west of the territory, and by a stunning coastline, which can be both sandy and rocky. To the north the beaches are characterized by white sand and are protected by the coral reef, while the south is rich in black sandy beaches. Some of the most beautiful are Runaway Bay, not subject to massive tourism, and exceptional for scuba diving, Seven Mile Beach and Long Beach Park, the liveliest, Doctor's Cave Beach, famous for its daily parties and Treasure Beach.

The weather boasts a tropical climate, which is divided into two main seasons: a rainy one, from April to October, and a dry one, in the other months. The months of August and October are the most likely to be subject to the formation of hurricanes. Moreover, Jamaica is subject to strong earthquakes.

Local flora and fauna are rich and very heterogeneous. The Jamaican territory has several tropical trees and flowers, colourful birds, such as parrots, toucans, hummingbirds and pelicans, but also many reptiles. The seabeds host lots of species of tropical fish and loggerhead turtles. Moreover, among the crystal-clear waters of the sea it is not difficult to notice the presence of sharks. National parks, marine parks and protected areas have been estabilished in order to safeguard the unicity of this biodiversity.

Finally, Jamaica also provides many cultural and artistic attractions, that can be discovered while strolling the pictoresque alleys of its city. Montego Bay shows a prefect fusion of new and ancient traditions: the center boasts modern buildings next to primitive wooden huts. Here, the Rose Hall Great House is also located, a beautiful Georgian mansion popular for the legend of the "white witch".

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