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Jamaica is an island country lapped by the emerald Caribbean Sea.

Its territory features amazing natural landscapes: here it is possible to admire alluvial plains, picturesque coastlines, white and black sandy beaches, a marvellous sea inhabited by plenty of tropical fish, suitable for those who love scuba diving, sailing and snorkelling. This island has a tropical climate, this is why the best period to visit it goes from January to April, because it is the least rainy and there are no tropical hurricanes. Thanks to its morphological and meteorological conditions, Jamaica boasts the presence of heterogeneous flora and fauna, which can be safely discovered and admired within the natural parks or protected reserves.

Jamaican people are really warm and friendly, they have an extroverted, sunny, dynamic and creative soul. Their creativity is mainly represented in their gaudy paintings, in sculptures and potteries. Their vivacity can be seen in Caribbean dances; among these, reggae is the Jamaican style par excellence. Do not miss the chance to dance to the notes of typical songs during popular festivals.

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