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Colorful houses, lively people, music in every bar, the smoke of cigars and the taste of rhum. Can you hear the sound of salsa in the distance? You are in Cuba. The island of orchids, beautiful beaches and old American cars. You feel like you are in a movie? Your holiday in this joyful island is just about to start.

Cuba is a beautiful island that lives on its own contrasts. The dignity of its people is opposed to the crumbling facades of the buildings, the beauty of its natural resources clashes with the peculiar vintage cars of the '50s and the '60s. A kaleidoscope of colours full of places of interest and culture.

This is the reason why the island charms every traveler that lands here. The fabulous white beaches and palm trees are now considered common symbols of Cuba but there's much more to be discovered. The well-preserved colonial cities such as Trinidad, Cienfuegos and obviously Havana are a perfect exemple of the hidden gems of Cuba: the streets of these old cities exude history, mystery and intrigue. In Vinales you will find verdant tobacco plantations, sorrounded by majestic mountains, in Cienfuegos, the "gem of the South", you will stumble upon an old town center which is also a Unesco Heritage Site. And there are also the cayos, the small islets of the Cuban coast with their paradise beaches.

The real highlight of Cuba, however, is the people: they're friendly and proud, smiling and brave, histrionic and joyful. This unique blend of descendants of African slaves, Spanish conquistadores and Chinese immigrants can be found only here. Sit back in a bar, have a chat with the locals, hear the stories of Che Guevara and feel the vibes of the island like you were born and bred here.

Add its culture, music and nature to the mix and Cuba becomes the ideal destination for a unique adventure in a heavenly island. Let our travel experts advise you and open your heart to Cuba, creating your own tailormade tour from scratch. Your trip to Cuba will be much more than a holiday!

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Travel ideas in Cuba

  • Guided tour Cuba: Habana & Varadero antonio-bergamo Travel proposals

    Tour | 8 days | No flight

    Guided tour Cuba: Habana & Varadero

    Cuba is waiting for you!
    During this guided private tour, you'll discover the undeniable appeal of one of the most beautiful countries in the Caribbeans.
    Cuba isn't just famous for its long and complicated history, but also for its many natural landscapes and its colorful and lively cities. Cuban sigars, typical cocktails, a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere: Cuba will conquer your heart from the very first day. Your main destinations will be: Habana : Cuba's capital ...

    Visited places: Havana, Varadero

    from 700 €

  • Cuba private tour with exclusive guide antonio-bergamo Travel proposals

    Tour | 8 days | No flight

    Cuba private tour with exclusive guide

    Enjoy this private tour with an exclusive tourist guide, an experience for all travel lovers!
    This is a wonderful trip, where you'll cross the most beautiful cities in Cuba by car, and you'll certainly fall in love with this incredible caraibic country. Discover the timeless charme of Habana,  both in its ancient and modern side, travel through the beautiful Cienfuegos with our private guide and admire the pictoresque Trinidad. Your tour won't be complete without your ...

    Visited places: Havana, Trinidad, Cayo Santa Maria

    from 1,000 €

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  • To know when travelling to Cuba

    The words "Please" and "Thank you" are usually not used Cuban dialogues, but the most important thing for the inhabitants of the island is greeting. The greeting is so important that the Cubans used to greet even unknown people. It is considered very rude to spit or blow your nose in public.
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  • Cuban cuisine

    Eating in Cuba is very cheap and the food is a mixture of Spanish and African cooking. In the capital, but also outside, there are many restaurants specializing in Cuban and international cuisine. The food is simple, but rich in flavor and is usually accompanied with garlic, cumin, oregano and other spices. Most Cuban dishes also include an assortment of blacks beans, chicken and beef meat, plantains, rice and tomato salasa. The price of food in Cuba is low and although tourists pay a little more than the locals, you will always pay less than eating in your country.
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  • Geography of Cuba

    Cuba is the largest island of the  Caribbean Archipelago. North of Cuba there are the  United States of America, 180 km far from the coast and separated from Cuba by the Strait of Florida. The  Yucatan Channel  is placed to the West, the  Caribbean Sea  to the South and the  Sopravento Channel  on the eastern part. Althought the southern part of the island is surmounted by a mountain chain characterized by lush vegetation, the territory is mainly level. The coast are both high and rocky and short and sandy, but they are all characterized by wide bays which stand for beautiful natural harbors. Thanks to the narrow shape of Cuba, the rivers are short but full of water. 
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  • Weather in Cuba

    Regarding climate the island is uniform. It is  tropical  and divided into two seasons, dry during the winter from November to April and very humid and hot from May to October. The average temperatures throughout the year are included between 20 and 30 ° C. The rainfalls are abundant during the summer and in the months from August to October there is a strong risk of hurricanes. During the rainy season, the air is hot and muggy and precipitation is usually quite like storm episodes.
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  • historical background

    The first Europeans to arrive on the island of Cuba were the  Spanards, after the discovery of America. They exterminated the indigenous population, thanks to the help of the diseases that they unknowingly imported. In a short period of time the colonizers brought slaves from Africa with the aim to make them work in the fields and they became a large part of the population. The  independence from Spain came in 1902, thanks to an incursion of the US government, which decided to take the control of the island, becoming very influential. In 1952, Batista, who had been ruling Cuba from '34 to '44 legitimized by the Unites States, took power through a coup d'etat. He, once in power, sold off most of the lands and railways to some American companies. Cuba became the capital of gambling and prostitution, fueled by US tourism. Following the  Battle of Santa Clara, January 1, 1959, the fight against dictatorship had started by Fidel Castro, ...
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  • Why visit Cuba

    Set in the  Caribbean Sea, and above all, close to the influential United States, Cuba is an island which tries to maintain its characteristic of being one of the last communist countries of the world. Thanks to its politic isolation, Cuba is a destination which has been out of mass tourism routes for years, but with the politeness that characterizes the local population it can offer any sort of accomodations and facilities. It is indeed the  island of sun, smiles and good company. It is the perfect destination for those who want to smoke a cigar under a palm tree of the beutiful sandy beaches of the island, but also the ideal destination for those who want to party till the early hours of the day. Cuba is considered a  pearl of the Caribbean, where vistors can enjoy unforgettable experiences, among  the beautiful beaches of the coast, the streets of Havana, Unesco Heritage and the lush vegetation of the hinterland. Cuba offers a perfect mix ...
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  • Places of interest and culture in Cuba

    Discover the incredible contrast between the vivid colors of the colonial architecture and the blue ocean. The Havana is the capital of Cuba and it’s the ideal starting point for a tour discovering this magnificent island. The list of the attractions in Havana is very long, among the most important you can find: Bodeguita del Medio – The restaurant/bar loved by Hemingway Museo de la Revolución – located in the presidential palace that was used before Castro it shows the life at the times of the revolution. The palace in it’s own deserves a visit for the architecture and for the spectacular interiors. Bacardi Palace - It’s one of the most recognisable monuments of Cuba thanks to the art decò tower. From the summit of the tower you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing 360° view of the capital. El Capitolio – this huge building is one of the other architectural symbols of the Havana
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  • The most beautiful beaches in Cuba

    One of the reasons why people decide to take a trip to Cuba is the opportunity to relax on its fabulous Caribbean beaches. Our recommendation, after visiting the colonial towns and the tobacco and coffee plantations of the hinterland, is to end your itinerary with a seaside stay in one of the most evocative beaches. There is really plenty of choice in the pearl of the Caribbean!
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  • Tips for a fly&drive tour in Cuba

    A road trip in Cuba, renting a car and experiencing the Pearl of the Caribbean in total freedom: is there a better way to discover the charm of this place unique in the world? Road trips in Cuba are not easy: you have to start armed with a large backpack and lots of patience, but the encounters, the emotions, the sensations you feel are destined to remain etched in your memory and in your heart forever. A fly&drive tour in Cuba is the ideal choice to delve deep into the essence of the place, meeting local people and getting to know the real local traditions. But how can one arrange such a trip? The only way is to trust qualified local operators (like the one we rely on to organize our tours), who know the places, the streets and can provide assistance for visa and documents.
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  • When to go to Cuba

    What is the best period for a holiday in Cuba ? When to go? What to bring? How to avoid the hurricanes? And again, when to book a trip to Cuba to save money on the cost of the flight? These are the first questions to ask before booking a trip to the most fascinating island in the Caribbean. We have collected some practical suggestions to facilitate the organization of your trip.
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Travel experts

  • Antonio Bergamo


    Antonio is an expert on tailor made trips in Cuba.

Why visit Cuba

Welcome to Cuba, the Pearl of the Caribbean! You are on the island of cigars, rhum, salsa and Che Guevara. But beyond the stereotypes, a holiday in this magnificent island is an experience to live at least once in a lifetime. Cuba boasts unrivalled natural landscapes (just think of the beaches and the famous cayos, the little wild islands off the coast), a rich cultural heritage and a lively, proud, hospitable population.

In spite of its geographical location, which sets Cuba in the Caribbean Sea, and above all, close to the influential United States, the island of rhum and cigars has always maintained its political isolation, away from mass tourism. Now that the embargo has fallen, Cuba offers any kind of accommodations thanks to the cordiality of the local inhabitants, including casas particulares, private houses that are used to host visitors: certainly the best way to get an insight on local culture while visiting!

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