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Horseback riding tour among Singing Rocks in Bulgaria

Tour - Horse riding - Bulgaria, Sofia

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The top of the Central National Balkan Park, in Bulgaria, is characterized by a place with impassable rocks. A unique place, with amazing flora and fauna: this is why it is a natural reserve.

Singing Rocks are natural formations framed in an old beech forest. When wind blows in the right direction, it is possible to hear them "sing". This natural phenomenon gives them their name.

During this tour and vacation you'll have the chance to admire breath-taking landscapes. Hills and uplands offer many opportunities for an unforgettable holiday.

The highlights of your trip are:

  • Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina): they form the longest (550 km) and largest mountain range in Bulgaria (the highest peak is Mount Botev 2376 m a.s.l.)
  • Central National Balkan Park: it is home to wide and untouched nature! The park is characterized by deep gorges, steep slopes, canyon, fresh waterfalls and countless streams. The national park boasts the highest waterfall in Bulgaria: Raiskoto Praskalo, which is 125 m high.
  • Apriltsi: it is a small city, located at the foot of the Central Balkans. This town is rich in history, nature and monuments.

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  1. Sofia - Apriltsi

    Day 1
    Sofia - Apriltsi

    Arrival at the airport and transfer to the "Balkan" stables in Apriltsi, located at the foot of the Balkans.

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  2. Apriltsi

    Day 2

    During the morning you'll meet your horse friend, which will stay with you the entire week. After the first meeting, you'll enjoy a ride just outside the municipality of Apriltsi, in order to get more in touch with the horse and understand its habits.

    Pic-nic lunch near a river. After lunch and a short rest, you'll go back to the stables. Overnight in Apriltsi.

    4/5 hours horse riding

    Visited places

  3. Apriltsi - Batoshevo

    Day 3
    Apriltsi - Batoshevo

    You'll move north-east through some villages. Short break at a stream for lunch. Later in the afternoon, you'll reach a small monastery, named as the nearby city of Batoshevo. Overnight.

    6 hours horse riding

    Visited places

  4. Batoshevo - Todorcheta

    Day 4
    Batoshevo - Todorcheta

    From the monastery, the path will take you through forests and the picturesque villages of Stokite and Kupen. Here, you'll start an ascending ride. Lunch en route. Later in the afternoon, you'll reach the village of Todorcheta.

    7 hours horse riding

    Visited places

  5. Todorcheta - Hut Mazalat

    Day 5
    Todorcheta - Hut Mazalat

    After breakfast, you'll start your horse riding to reach the hut "Partizanska pesen". Lunch. In the afternoon you'll ride westwards at the top of Balkans ridge.

    You'll pass the Central National Balkan Park to reach the hut Mazalat. Overnight.

    5/6 hours horse riding

    Visited places

  6. Hut Mazalat - Singing Rocks - Mazalat

    Day 6
    Hut Mazalat - Singing Rocks - Mazalat

    Today you'll ride through Singing Rocks Reserve. If there is wind, you can hear the singing of these beautiful rock formations. Overnight in a hut.

    7 hours horse riding

    Visited places

  7. Hut Mazalat - Apriltsi

    Day 7
    Hut Mazalat - Apriltsi

    After breakfast, you'll ride northward to close the route. Today you'll descend the mountains. Departing from the National Park, you'll reach the stables Apriltsi, where the tour started. Overnight.

    5 hours horse riding

    Visited places

  8. Apriltsi - Sofia

    Day 8
    Apriltsi - Sofia

    After breakfast you'll say goodbye to horses and guides. Transfer to the airport of Sofia.

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