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Belize, what a paradise! If you are about to leave for this untame land in Central America, get ready to marvel in front of its natural landscapes! The beaches of Belize are among the most beautiful in the world, the rainforests are lush and full of flora and fauna, a real heaven. Just what you need to take a break from the stress of city life. And how about the rich Mayan heritage, the pyramids and ancient temples, the legacy of a majestic past?

Belize is a wild land, outside the most common tourist itineraries. This is why getting lost in its flora and fauna will be even more gratifying. Dive in its colorful coral reef, declared Unesco heritage, or visit some of the 16 national parks. And after exploring the jungle, indulge for some time on the marvelous beaches of this country, for example Ambergis Caye. Don't forget to visit the spectacular Mayan archaeological sites in Caracol, Xunantunich and Lamanai and have fun imagining how life was in the Mayan era.

Our local travel experts know all the ins and outs of Belize and they will guide you in your discovery trip, be it a sightseeing stop during a longer Mexico or Guatemala tour, or a trip to discover Belize alone, enraptured by the charm of its landscapes and archaeological heritage. Create your own tailormade tour: we will help you design your dream trip step by step.

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Why visit Belize

Welcome to Belize, a small strip of land in Central America where nature still reigns supreme. Its capital city is Belmopan, it is bordered east by the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Honduras while the southern part is occupied by the Yucatàn peninsula. Rivers Hondo and Sarstun mark its boundaries north and south respectively. Its territory is also crossed by Belize River, which gives its name to the country.

If you are planning a trip to Belize, it may be useful for you to know that the northern area is mostly flat and full of streams, while the coasts are frequently interrupted by lagoons and swamps. Here visitors find dream beaches where to spend a relaxing time. The north-western inner area is covered by rainforest, while the south hosts the big valleys of the Maya mountains and a few low plateaus. 

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