Aneka Kartika Tours

Aneka Kartika Tours

Aneka Kartika Tours is one of the leading tour & travel services in Indonesia, started its humble beginning in 1979 providing air-tickets and documents handling. It began handling local tours afterwards and in 1988 is the milestone when the inbound division was formed. As an active member of IATA, ASITA & ASTINDO we have achieved several international airlines awards. Our excellent services rendered by our dedicated team has made us a reliable and reputable tour & travel agent company.

Experience, dedication and open-mindedness are the values that set the difference between Aneka Kartika Tours from others. We have gained the knowledge and expertise which we are confident to provide you with reliable services using highly professional approach in this rapidly changing society. Our dramatic growth coupled with excellent performance have made us to be one of the succesful stories in this competitive industry.

Our passionate team will assist you to craft every programs for both individual and groups from scratch, and with our simple 3E recipe (Explore, Experience, Enjoy) we will make sure that every presented program will be a memorable experience. Talk to our team and let's assist you to plan your trip from scratch!

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Aneka Kartika Tour's doesn't provide insurance for the travelers. Travelers have to buy it from their origin country

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