Nepal - Health & Safety

Recommended vaccinations
Tetanus injection, Diphteria, Yellow jack, Camp fever, Malaria, Poliomyelitis
Availability medicines

We suggest to bring always a small travel pharmacy and to stipulate a health insurance which covers medical expenditures, the eventual airplane emergency repatriation or transfer to another country.

Diseases - infections
Hepatitis A, Camp fever, Malaria
Diseases - infections risks
Food and beverages

You will find much variety of food and beverages here in Nepal. Famous dishes of Nepal are Daal Bhat Tarkari (Daal is soup of pulses with spices, Bhat is rice and Tarkari is any vegetable), Butter Tea (you will find this only in Nepal there is butter, ghee and salt put into tea), Momos ( it is served with red chilli and garlic sauce) and you will find diversity of Kababs. And Famous Nepali Beverages are Lassi (it is the mixture of curd and water), Seabuckthorn Juice (this juice is served warm and hold  peach & orange flavour) and Marpha Apple Juice (it is made up of Marpha Apple). But you should be take care of their spices which are totally different from your country, because it may harm your stomach which is not good for your health as well as for your beautiful trip Nepal. One more thing which you should be concerned of Do Not Use Tap Water use only mineral water (bottled water) for drinking purpose.