An intense and exciting travel in order to discover the Mayan World existing between Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

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An intense and exciting travel in order to discover the Mayan World existing between Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Thanks to this tour you will get in touch with the ancient Mayan civilization in order to appreciate their culture and traditions. These traditions have remained intact over time and, above all, they are easy to find in the current population, which will impress you due to its warmth and friendliness.

We will visit all the main settlements of this ancient civilization: Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Palenque, Yaxchilan, Tikal, among lush nature and suggestive landscapes, surrounded  by a unique and amazing context that will blow your mind.

Trip summary

  • Departure Cancun
  • End Cancun
  • Countries
    • Mexico
    • Guatemala
    • Belize
  • City
    • Cancun
    • Chichen Itza
    • Uxmal
    • Palenque
    • Yaxchilan
    • Belize City
    • Kohunlich
  • Theme Art, history and cultural trips and custom tours
  • Travel style Tailor-made travel
  • Accommodation Standard
  • Flight Excluded
  • Guide Included
  • The tour has met our standards

Detailed itinerary

  • 1
    Day 1

    Welcome! Upon arrival you will be received and transferred to your hotel. After the check-in, your afternoon will be available at leisure. 

    Overnight at hotel.

    Visited places:
  • 2
    Cancun - Merida
    Day 2

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Transfer from the hotel of Cancun to the meeting place set for the start of the Tour. We will leave Cancun in order to reach Merida. On the way visit to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza, Yucatan Mayan capital, flourished between the fifth and tenth centuries AD. Here you can visit the imposing monuments of archaeological sites placed in northern and central area: the Temple of Kukulkan, the Temple of the Warriors, the Ball Court and the Well of Sacrifice.

    Lunch at restaurant.

    In the afternoon we will drive to Merida, known as the "White City" where his residences in French, Italian and Arabic style are evidence of a past prosperity that came from the trade of the fibers and agave.

    Panoramic tour of the Main Square, where you can admire the main monuments of the city: the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Municipal Palace and the House of Montejo.

    Check-in the hotel.

    Overnight at hotel.

    Visited places:
    Accommodation offered:
  • 3
    Merida - Campeche
    Day 3

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Departure for Uxmal to visit the ruins of the Mayan city flourished between the second and tenth centuries AD. The very important attractions here, are: the Pyramid of the Magician, the Governor's Palace and the Nunnery Quadrangle.

    Lunch at restaurant.

    After lunch we will continue our travel in order to reach the city of Campeche, the capital of the State of the Mexican Confederation.

    Hotel accommodation in private rooms.

    Then, there will be a brief visit of the Old City enclosed and fortified with towers and walls erected to defend the colony from pirates. Within the old walls, the city retains, even nowadays, a typical colonial flavor characterized by beautiful patrician houses and austere churches.

    Overnight at hotel.

    Visited places:
    Accommodation offered:
  • 4
    Campeche - Palenque
    Day 4

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Departure for Palenque. Arrival and hotel accommodation in private rooms.

    In the afternoon, after lunch, we will visit the archaeological area. At the edge of the tropical jungle there is one of the most beautiful rituals Mayan center that was in operation from the third to the seventh century AD.

    The Temple of the Inscriptions, is popular for the discovery of the tomb of the great lord "Pakal". Adorned with a precious jade mask, it represents an authentic masterpiece of Mayan art.

    Overnight at hotel.

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  • 5
    Palenque - Yaxchilan - Flores
    Day 5

    Breakfast at hotel.

    At about 6:30 in the morning departure for the village of Corozal, located on the Mexican border. We will travel along 150 km of paved road and 18 km of dirty roads, covering this transfer in about 2 hours and a half. During this trip you can admire the lush vegetation of the forest.

    At the end of this beautiful trip we will take the motor launches to sail along the Usumacinta River for about 1 hour in order to reach the ancient Mayan city located on the edge of the forest called Yaxchilan.

    In this city the silence is broken only by the cries of small monkeys and the flight of birds. The mantle of the jungle that covers the ancient city seems to have donated to palaces and numerous temples an aura of magic and mystery. Yaxchilan was built between the third and tenth centuries AD. From 725 the city was ruled by the "Jaguar Shield", which through three alliances signed by political marriages and various wars could expand its influence on the surrounding territories. Aware of the importance of leaving a trace of their hegemony, the Maya engraved on a stone the most important events concerning the life of the noble class of the city and thanks to this foresight, today we can know more, with a relative accuracy, about the history of the last 300 years of this reign.

    After this wonderful visit of about 2 hours, we will go back to Corozal where we will have lunch in a small and traditional restaurant situated on the bank of the Usumacinta River.

    After lunch and having done all the customs procedures with the Mexican authorities, the Mexican guide will "deliver" the passengers to the Guatemalan guide.

    Restart by motorboat to navigate for about 30 minutes in order to reach the village of Bethel, in Guatemalan territory. After the customs control we will continue by bus to reach Flores. During these three hours and a half trip, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the Guatemalan forest.

    Arrival at the hotel and accommodation in private rooms.

    Overnight at hotel.

    Visited places:
    Accommodation offered:
  • 6
    Flores - Belize City
    Day 6

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Sightseeing of the archaeological site of Tikal, considered the most spectacular Maya center. The incredible number of pyramids and stems show us as this city was the most important of the Mayan world during the eighth century. The size of this archaeological site covers an area of 576 km. You will discover the charm of the Mayan mystery walking among up to 70 meters tall pyramids. Some had already been built 200 years before the coming of Christ. In particular you have to admire the spectacular landscape of the Peten jungle, that can be seen from the top of the pyramid known as the Temple IV.

    At the end of the visit we will have lunch and then we will continue our trip to Belize.

    Overnight at hotel.

    Visited places:
  • 7
    Belize City - Kohunlich
    Day 7

    Breakfast at hotel.

    In the morning departure for Tower Hill, where you will start sailing along the river for about two hours in order to reach the religious center of Lamanai. This name literally means "crocodile under water." During this excursion by motorboat, you can observe rare species of bats and birds, and with a little luck, you can meet even crocodiles and turtles.

    The archaeological site is located in the heart of the tropical forest that is full of exotic fruits, flooded by the scents of nature, whose peace is interrupted only by the monkeys' cries. This archaeological site was built between 100 and 900 AD.

    Packed lunch during the excursion.

    After the tour of Lamanai, return to Tower Hill by motor launch in order to continue by bus towards the border between Belize and Mexico. After customs operations, we will change transportation. You will reach by bus the hotel Explorean Kohunlich located in the middle of the Mayan lush jungle, the perfect place to live in contact with nature and discover its mysteries.

    Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


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  • 8
    Kohunlich - Cancun
    Day 8

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Free morning useful to relax in contact with nature and to admire the great "sea" of green that stretches in front of the hotel's lounge.

    Departure for the Bacalar Lagoon, also known as the "Lagoon of Seven Colors". This name came from the different tones of turquoise, jade and aquamarine of its waters, which stretches for about 50 kilometers.
    Lunch and continuation to Cancun.

    Overnight at hotel.

    Visited places:
  • 9
    Day 9-10

    The end of our tour has come. After breakfast, you will have freetime until the transfer to the airport. 

    Visited places:
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