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A trip, tailormade tour or holiday in Malawi is a unique and unforgettable experience for every kind of tourist.

The country located in Eastern Africa is characterized by stunning natural beauties and incomparable natural environments. The strong contrasts among the colours of lakes, highlands, lush vegetation and arid desert, the different and rare animal species will utterly enchant you. Visiting Malawian national parks will allow you to get entirely in touch with its wild nature. and enjoy unforgettable safaris.

Malawi is also famous for its main lake, Lake Malawi or Niassa, the third largest in Africa, which was the center of the slave trade towards Mozambique in the 19th century. It's located in the southern part of the Great Rift Valley, the wonderful lake district of Malawi: a landscape that you shouldn't miss.

The cities and their lively streets are also extremely fascinating. The capital city Lilongwe boasts several examples of modern architecture, but also typical and traditional houses, a perfect combination between innovation and tradition. On the other hand, in the hidden villages you will be enraptured by the ancient and colourful local tribes. They proudly preserve their ancient traditional lifestyle. Moreover, the hospitality and the warmth of local people will touch your soul. They are simple and modest people, who live thanks to their harvest only, but they are always available to greet and receive visitors.

Do not miss the chance to discover the wonders of this country. Plan your tailormade tour and live an unforgettable vacation. Our local travel experts offer you the opportunity to customize your itinerary in an easy and fast way. What are you waiting for? Malawi awaits!

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