Kenya - Useful information for your trip

Kenya is a country belonging to the African continent, lapped by the Indian Ocean on the East. Tourists are attracted by the natural beauties and amazing landscapes of Kenya, which boasts several national parks. Worth visiting are East and West Tzavo, Amoseli, Maasai Mara and Diani Beach, a real earthly paradise exposed on the coral reef, but also the fascinating cities such as Mambrui, an ancient Islamic village located on the north of Malindi, or Mombasa, the second largest city of Kenya.

The latter is located on an island and boasts breath-taking beaches and remains of its past, such as the Old City built by the Arabs according to the principles of the Islamic architecture; and the capital city Nairobi. This is a lively and cosmopolitan city with modern skyscrapers, commercial and shopping districts and a lively colourful market. For those who want to relax, Kenya also provides wonderful white sandy beaches lapped by a crystal-clear sea with immaculate bottoms rich in tropical fish, rare shells and sea stars.

Kenya offers several and contrasting landscapes. In fact, starting from the sandy and short coast, the central area of the country is characterized by deserts, hills with forests and savannas, mountain ranges and wide valleys, such as the Great Rift Valley. This represents the most characterizing element of Kenya's morphology. As the landscapes, also the weather changes from region to region. In the coastal areas, it is warm and humid, it becomes drier and more temperate in the central areas. The combination of these elements allowed the development of several animal and plant species.

The population of Kenya is made up of four main ethnic groups, belonging to four different language families: Bantus, Nilotes, Para-nilotes and Cushite.

The economy of the country is mainly based on the exportations of agricolturural products and tourism. Agricolture produces coffee, tea, pyrethrum, palm and coconut oil, but also corn, sorghum, millet and potatoes.

Discover this marvellous country creating your own tailormade trip, holiday and vacation with the help of our local travel experts: we are sure it will be a memorable adventure.