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Kazakhstan is a country full of contrasts, perfectly located in between Europe and Asia.

In its architecture you'll see both Islamic and Western features. Its mosques are stunning, just as the museums of the big cities, such as Astana, the capital, and Almaty. But thanks to the steppe, the mountains and desert, the natural landscape in this country has just as much to offer. Discover it with the help of our travel experts and you won't be disappointed.

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Why visit Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country situated between Europe and Asia and is a former republic of the USSR. It borders east the Caspian Sea for a tract, but still remains the biggest landlocked country in the world since the Caspian Sea is considered a lake.

From a geographic and morphological point of view, the territory is traversed by the Ural mountains. It has a large extension, almost equal to that of Western Europe. The country is mainly flat. In the south-eastern part lies Tian Shan, with its highest peak, Khan Tengri (7010 m), while further to the west lie Küngey Alatau, Zailijski Alatau, Kirghiz Alatau and Talassky Alatau, minor ranges of Tian Shan.

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