If you want to visit one of the most representative environments of Bulgaria, this is the right time to take this tour.
We will pass through the kingdom of birds of prey in Europe, the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, which are home to over 20 species of birds including vultures, eagles, falcons, buzzards and other varieties.

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If you want to visit one of the most representative environments of Bulgaria, this is the right time to take this tour.
We will pass through the kingdom of birds of prey in Europe, the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, which are home to over 20 species of birds including vultures, eagles, falcons, buzzards and other varieties.

This itinerary is particularly recommended for those who want to enoy the fabulous variety of passerines such as the lonely sparrow, Lanius nubicus, nuthatch, Orphic warbler etc.  Beyond the remarkable diversity of raptors and passerines, combined with different species of water (such as the Dalmatian Pelicana egrets, pygmy cormorants, ducks, ferruginous, herons, terns, etc.), you'll visit unique places along the Black Sea and the river Danube. This route also offers the chance to see "The Slender-billed Curlew", a bird-watcher's dream.

This trip to Bulgaria during the spring promises sightings of over 200 species. Do not miss this opportunity and come and see for yourself!


Trip summary

  • Departure Sofia
  • End Sofia
  • Countries
    • Bulgaria
  • City
    • Trigrad
    • Plovdiv
    • Madzharovo
    • Burgas
    • Kavarna
    • Ruse
    • Sofia
  • Theme Wild nature
  • Travel style Group departure
  • Accommodation Standard
  • Flight Excluded
  • Guide Included
  • The tour has met our standards

Detailed itinerary

  • 1
    Sofia - Vitosha Mountain
    Day 1

    Arrive in Sofia and transfer to the hotel on Vitosha mountain. Short time available for rest before starting the walk around the hotel area, offering you a pleasant encounter with numerous bird species ( Pallid Swift, Black Woodpecker, Black Redstart , Rondine Montana, Accentor, Water Pipit and Nutcracker). Dinner and overnight. 

    Visited places:
  • 2
    Day 2

    The first half of the day is dedicated to the exploration of the mountains and their settlements. Other interesting species will be sighted during the trek in the alpine area (sightings: Ouzel, Eremophila, Rock Thrush, Firecrest Regulus). In the afternoon continue to Trigrad village in the western Rhodope mountains. Trigrad gorge is one of the most popular European sites for observing the wallcreeper. Dinner and overnight.

    Visited places:
  • 3
    Trigrad - Plovdiv
    Day 3

    In the morning visit the gorge trying to find the elusive wallcreeper. Other species include Major Swift, Black Redstart, Rock Bunting etc. The peregrine falcon, with its energetic flight, disturbs the tranquillity of the area.

    In the afternoon continue on to Plovdiv town, stop in the hills of the town of Pazardzhik (sightings: Calandra, Isabelline, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle). Dinner and overnight. 

    Visited places:
  • 4
    Plovdiv - Madzharovo
    Day 4

    After breakfast you will start the journey towards the Bulgarian kingdom of the birds of prey: the Eastern Rhodope.

    Enjoy thrilling sightings in the broken land sorrounding the town of Madzharovo and over the valley of Arda river, many species of birds of prey and passerines will be added to the list (Black Stork, Egyptians, Griffins and black vultures, buzzards, eagles eastern Imperial eagles, Peregrine Falcon, Lanner falcon, the lesser kestrel and thrushes, nuthatch, Mountain swift, Orphic and Subalpine warblers, etc). Dinner and overnight for two nights in Madzharovo, accompanied by the singing of barn owls.

    Visited places:
  • 5
    Day 5

    The day will be spent bird-watching. The morning will be dedicated to a spectacular trip in the area of Studen Kladenets dam to explore the sorrounds of Potochnitsa village. Short walks in the observation points and to the restaurant. See Egyptians, Griffon vultures and black vultures, long-legged vultures and Honey Buzzards, Sardinian and subalpine warblers, buntings, warblers, swallows, nuthatches, etc.

    In the afternoon you'll take a short excursion along Krumovitsa river where you'll continue observing and hear the passerines of the undulating countryside (curlew, Olive, Masked and Red Warblers etc), In the evening return to the hotel in Madzharovo, dinner and overnight. 

    Visited places:
  • 6
    Madzharovo - Burgas
    Day 6

    In the morning you'll set off towards the Eastern Rhodope mountains for a detour to the town of Burgas on the Black Sea. Our trip traverses interesting environments in the Sakar Mountains (sightings: eagles, Warblers, red swallow, Isabelline, buntings etc.).

    Near the town of Sliven you can admire colonies of beautiful little gophers. The nearby fields are also a place where harrier, cuckoo hawks and eastern imperial eagles find their food. Dinner and overnight for two nights in the town of Burgas. 

    Visited places:
  • 7
    Day 7

    The strong contrast between the mountain environments visited over the previous days and the humid areas around the town of Burgas (Atanasovsko, Mandra and Poda lakes) offers pleasant sightings of new species. In these areas some typical species such as great cormorants, heron and purple herons, little egrets, spoonbills, glossy ibis, sea eagles, gulls with yellow legs, small terns, pratincole and many species of wading bird nest.
    You'll probably also spot pygmy cormorants on migration or remaining, Dalmatian and white pelicans, terns, tenuirostris and Mediterranean gulls. It's also possible to spot rarities such as curlews, citrine wagtails etc. Dinner and overnight.

    Visited places:
  • 8
    Burgas - Lake Pomoriisko - Cape Kaliakra - Kavarna
    Day 8

    After breakfast travel north along the Northern Black Sea coast, with a few interesting stops.

    The first will be at saltwater Pomoriisko lake (sightings: shelduck, avocets, little terns, gulls, yellow -legged gulls, plovers, tenuirostris gulls, black terns and terns, etc). Further ahead stop at Goritsa lake, The main attraction is ficedula semitorquata. The list will include also Syrians, eagles, woodpeckers, golden orioles, flycatchers, etc.

    Visits to Cape Kaliakra and Bolata Bay are scheduled in the afternoon, with sightings of curlews, eagles, roses, Calandra larks, calenders, Barred and Olive Tree warblers, buntings etc. These species are all present in the rock walls and in the steppe, a unique environment in the plateau region.

    Dinner and 2 nights in Kavarna. 

    Visited places:
  • 9
    Kavarna - Lake Dourankoulak - Kavarna
    Day 9

    A short trip in the morning around Kamen Briag village amidst the ancient tombs of Yailite archaeological reserve will allow you to view the same birds, but in a completely different environment.

    Transfer to the humid area of the town of Shabla (Pygmy cormorant, ferruginous duck, shelduck, Calandra, Knight of Italy, Sandpiper, Bee-eater, Roller, Hoopoe, minor lani etc.) and then Dourankoulak lake (Red-necked Grebe, Little Bittern, Purple Heron, Glossy Ibis, Great Egret, ferruginous duck, partridge collar, curlew, Black Tern, Calandra, etc.)

    In the evening return to the hotel in Kavarna, dinner and overnight.

    Visited places:
  • 10
    Kavarna - Lake Srebarna - Ruse
    Day 10

    After a journey across Dobroudzha fields, you'll reach Srebarna lake around midday. The humid area is the earthly paradise of birds, being also the most important reserve in Bulgaria. Situated along the Danube river, it has international relevance for birdlife (Red-necked Grebes, Dalmatian Pelicans, Pygmy Cormorants, Little Bittern, heron, purple heron, small and large herons, glossy ibis, spoonbills, ducks, dun, Whiskered Terns and many others). White-tailed eagles, hawks and black kites are the perfect addition to this community, also integrated by buntings, pendulums and oriole. Dinner and overnight in Ruse

    Visited places:
  • 11
    Ruse - Sofia
    Day 11

    Early morning walk along Rousenski Lom canyon (black stork, buzzard, Egyptian vulture, Roller, Hoopoe, mountain eagles, Syrians and grey-headed woodpeckers,smaller, lani, black-headed buntings etc). On the way to Sofia visit a heron and egret farm. In the evening goodbye party in Sofia, to celebrate the long list of sightings during the tour. Dinner and overnight in Sofia. 

    Visited places:
  • 12
    Day 12

    Transfer to the airport for departure. 

    Visited places:
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