Australia - Useful information for your trip

Australia is a country located in the Southern Hemisphere, it is lapped by the Indian Ocean on South-West and by the Pacific Ocean on the East, therefore it is completely surrounded by waters.

Morphologically Australia can be divided into three main regions. Eastern Australia is arid and plain, although here are the main mountain ranges, much of them consisting of low hills. The Western part is characterized by the Australian Shield, a wide desertic area. Finally, central Australia boasts the most fertile plains of the country. The southern regions have a temperate climate, while the north shows a tropical climate, that generates a wide range of landscapes. Indeed, it is possible to find rainforests, mangroves, savannas and forests.

Australia owns several protected areas, in order to safeguard its rich biodiversity, characterized by endemic plants and animals.

The Europeans discovered Australia in the 17th century. Great Britain used the new continent as a penal colony, where criminals were transported and condemned to hard labour. Nowadays, the Australian population consists of a mixture of different ethnicities, including Aborigines, English, Scots, Irish and Italians. Its economy is mainly based on the exportation of raw materials.

Moreover, Australia offers several points of interest, attracting many tourist every year. The real flagship of Australia is the renowned Uluru, as well as the several national parks, the pictoresque and ancient rocky outcrops and the beautiful waterfalls, but also the lively big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Everything in Australia will just fascinate you.