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At least once in a lifetime everyone wants to take a trip to North America. And there must be a reason for this. Surely the Usa are the most sought-after destination: just think of the stunning metropolis, such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, just to name a few, all featured in the most famous movies and tv series.

The United States of America offer a wide range of opportunities for any kind of trip, thanks to natural attractions such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley and Niagara Falls, or the chance to take marvelous trips across the main big cities, or try surf on the coasts of Florida and California. If you are a biker, you can even jump on a Harley Davidson and ride across the United States along the world- famous Route 66. The natural parks of Canada will amaze you, offering unique wildlife viewing, while the big cities, from Toronto to Vancouver and Ottawa, are full of interesting cultural stimula.

Finally Alaska, a destination for the bravest, will surprise with its iced landscapes and picturesque cities.

Whatever destination you choose in North America, your trip will be an adventure rather than just a holiday!

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