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Travelling to Alaska is an unforgettable experience.

For those who do not fear the cold and seek untame nature, its splendid glaciers, the mountains and the natural parks of the northernmost of the United States of America are a continuous surprise. From the excursions to Mount Kinley, the highest in North America, to Mendenhall glacier, from Keni Fjords, Tongass, Denali and Sitka national parks to the city of Anchorage and its interesting museums, Alaska and its breath-taking landscape won't let you down.

"North to the future" is the motto of this land: discover the best of this state with the travel itineraries selected by our travel experts.

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Why visit Alaska

Alaska is one of the United States of America, occupying the northernmost part of the American continent. It borders the Arctic Ocean to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the south, It's the largest country in the federation and, together with Hawaii, is the only one which is not contiguous to the others forming the United States of America.

Its territory can be divided into four macro-regions: South-Central Alaska, characterized by villages, cities and oil industries; the peninsula, containing only small settlements, mountains, glaciers and forests; the inner land, flat and covered by rivers and Arctic tundra, and the northern coast, the most inhospitable and remote. Alaska also comprises several islands, many of which with active volcanoes.

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