Aeolian Islands: here are our top travel proposals

The Aeolian Islands, a marvellous archipelago in Sicily and a gem of the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, are one of the most interesting destinations to explore on a sailboat, on a cabin charter or whole yacht cruise. No matter if you choose to sail on a boat or catamaran, in both cases the Aeolians in Sicily will amaze you. Famous for the beauty of their coasts and the richness of the sea bottoms (perfect for snorkeling), the "seven sisters", as they are called, are seven volcanic islands, each one different from the others in their unique landscapes. Stromboli, Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Panarea, Filicudi and Alicudi in the Tyrrhenian Sea will be ideal for your sailing holiday and vacation in total relaxation. The cabin charter option will allow you to share your passion for the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the pristine nature of the islands with new friends on board the yacht, every day discovering a new bay. What are you waiting for? Jump on board with us and experience an unforgettable cabin charter sailing cruise in the Aeolians!