Honduras - Useful information for your trip

A holiday in Honduras is a holiday sorrounded by wilderness, across a country which has remained faithful to its rythms and natural landscape, keeping aside from traditional tourist travel circuits. And this is maybe the best thing about travelling to Honduras: you have the chance to discover the most pristine jungle and get in touch with local populations of Central America like time has never passed.

Honduras is washed north and west by the waters of the Gulf of Honduras and east by the Caribbean sea, which offers dream beaches and transparent sea-bottoms, ideal spots for snorkeling and diving. The land is mainly mountainous, with narrow plains along the coasts, while La Mosquitia, situated in the north-east, is a large flat and densely populated area. If you wish to admire the forces of nature from up close, travel to the southern part of the country where there is a long volcanic belt featuring mountains with an elongated shape. The climate in Honduras is typically tropical, but it becomes slightly more temperate in the mountainous areas. The weather is very dry and warm on the northern coast.

In Honduras, 10% of the national land is protected, 54% is made up of woodlands and 15% is plowed land. Monkeys, alligators, jaguars, wild pigs and toucans form a part of the rich fauna of the country, while several rainforests have become national parks, where mahogany trees, cedar trees, sapodillas and ceibas grow.

Nowadays, Honduras still remains one of the least industrialized countries in Central America. Tourism plays an important role in the national economic apparatus: it is estimated that one tourist every 24 inhabitants visits the country every year. Visitors mainly come from the United States.

The capital city of Tegucigalpa is undoubtedly worth a visit: lively and hectic, it boasts a splendid old town center, several museums and an eventful night life. Tourists can discover La Tigra national park, with its wild animals, and Danlì cigar factory. In central Honduras you can find plenty of uncontaminated reserves, contained in Sierra de Agalta national park, and then Cuevas de Talgua, the natural monument of “El boqueròn”, the unmissable "fish rain" in Yoro, a unique show in the world that local people believe to be a miracle and biologists explain as a special atmospheric phenomenon.

Finally, Copàn ruins must be mentioned: declared World heritage by Unesco, they are the only Mayan archaelogical site in Honduras. The marvelous island of Roatan, off the Caribbean coast, was once a haunt for fearsome pirates and is now the perfect seaside destination for taking a break from the stressful city life.

Maybe your Honduras tour is just a part of a larger Mexico or Guatemala itinerary, or maybe you are interested in discovering the beauties of this wild country alone: in both cases, our local travel experts will be more than glad to show you around their homeland. Create your tailormade tour and dream vacation with them: you'll bring unforgettable memories home with you.