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At first glimpse Greenland can appear as a harsh and inhospitable land, anyway this huge island can offer you a unique and unforgettable vacation. It is mainly covered by an ice cap, named Inlandis and formed over several millennia,  characterized by tangled fjords and steep cliffs, but Greenland also boasts gorgeous landscapes that will leave every visitor speechless. Furthermore, this remote part of the world also hosts some of the most wonderful natural phenomena, such as aurora borealis, which lightens the dark winter sky.

Enjoying the sparkle of the sun over the glaciers, the wide tundra, the evocative and majestic icebergs, but also the picturesque urban landscapes composed by small, white and pure Inuit igloos will make your holiday in Greenland a unique experience. Do not miss the chance to also enjoy the heterogeneous local fauna and a sledge ride!

Our travel experts will plan the perfect tailormade trip and tour for you, in order to give you the chance to live your dream itinerary in this enchanting place.

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Travel ideas in Greenland

  • Winter wonders of Greenland from Ilulissat emanuela-grieco Travel proposals

    Tour | 4 days | No flight

    Winter wonders of Greenland from Ilulissat

    Explore the winter wonders of Greenland in the iceberg paradise! A perfect combination of adventure and warmth - go snowmobiling, dog sledding and snowshoeing; hunt for the northern lights; and listen to ancient tales and myths with the locals.

    Visited places: Ilulissat, Rodebay


  • South Greenland heritage & history emanuela-grieco Travel proposals

    Tour | 4 days | No flight

    South Greenland heritage & history

    Fly from  Keflavik  to  Narsarsuaq. Situated amidst the great fertile plains from where Greenland got its name, the town of 140 residents was an American air base up to 1941.

    Visited places: Narsarsuaq, Qaqortoq


  • Winter wonderland in east Greenland emanuela-grieco Travel proposals

    Tour | 4 days | No flight

    Winter wonderland in east Greenland

    If you're looking for a winter adventure amidst some of the most scenic and pristine landscapes in the world, then this East Greenland holiday is perfect for you! Sleddog excursions, snowshoeing in glaciers and trail, snowmobile tours and much more! 

    Visited places: Kulusuk, Tasiilaq , Reykjavik


  • Ilulissat summer adventure emanuela-grieco Travel proposals

    Tour | 4 days | No flight

    Ilulissat summer adventure

    Set in a fjord filled with icebergs, Ilulissat is one of Greenland's most stunning destinations. Take a short summer break to marvel at the beauty of this UNESCO Heritage site and also visit Eqi, an active glacier where you can experience the ice calving. You will also take an adventure to the ice sheet and get to know the locals over kaffemik at Illimanaq.

    Visited places: Isfjord , Eqi Glacier, Ilimanaq, Ilulissat


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