Bulgaria - Useful information for your trip

Bulgaria can be considered both a country of mountains and sea. In spite of being small, it offers the chance to enjoy holidays in a place rich in ancient culture, beautiful landscapes with friendly people, ready to offer hospitality and warmth.

Bulgaria is located in the heart of Central Europe, it is a land rich in natural beauties, characterized by great contrasts and surprises. It is the ideal place for a trip or a holiday in the sunny Black Sea resorts or in the fabulous mountain valleys that enclose ancient monasteries. Bulgaria has an endless natural landscape, made ​​of golden beaches along the Black Sea coasts, mountain ranges, magnificent gorges, rivers and spa areas with natural springs.

It is famous for its long and mild summers, the fragrant fields, orchards and rich and colourful vineyards. Bulgaria has a lot to offer its visitors. With mountains which occupy half of the country, it has become a new holiday destination for winter sports. It is a country which is particularly proud of its rich tradition and folklore. The folk dances, music, national costumes and traditional rituals, play an important role in the life of the Bulgarian people.

The territory of Bulgaria has a lot to offer to any kind of tourists. It is capable of seducing those who want to see the historical and cultural monuments, who want to participate in folklore, young sports fans and travellers, families with children, the elderly and all people who need thermal treatments.

Bulgaria may be considered a country of mountains, as more than half of its territory is occupied by mountains. The mountains have different heights and natural features and are accessible throughout the year. They offer visitors plenty of opportunities for recreation, hiking and sports, including winter sports that are gaining a prominent place at a European level.

With its thirteen centuries of history, Bulgaria has attracted many tourists from all over the world to admire the variety of treasures, such as the mysterious tombs of Thrace, the magnificent frescoes and many other examples of ancient applied arts. Most of the traditional Bulgarian festivals date back to ancient times.

Bulgaria is famous for its exclusive treatments with mineral and thermal waters. Moreover, there are about 378 km of coastline with beautiful beaches, over five hundred mineral springs with different physical and chemical characteristics and temperatures, many lagoons and healing springs with mud.

Fishing and hunting are regulated by laws that facilitate tourists. Fishing tourism can be of two kinds, freshwater and saltwater, while for the hunting there are several specialized suppliers who can organize different hunting trips.