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Bangladesh is a country located in Asia that boasts several natural beauties, breath-taking landscapes and marvellous endemic animals, such as the Bengal Tiger, but also a solid and rich tradition, which can be discovered in cuisine, music and festivals.

The main and fundamental ingredients of Bengal cuisine are rice and curry, which are used to create the most different dishes, such as Panta Illish. The most popular festivals are related to religious events, while local music has developed its own genre, called Baul, in which it is possible to notice a sense of mysticism and the human will to reach the divine.

Finally, Bangladesh also offers long and wonderful white sandy beaches studded by green palms, where you can to relax; on the other hand, the crystal-clear sea is the perfect place for every kind of water sports.

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Why visit Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country in Asia and one of the most populous in the world.

Bangladesh features several rivers and, thanks to their deposit, they have created one of the most fertile valleys of the entire world. The climate is quite homogeneous and corresponds to a monsoonal tropical climate with mild winters and humid summers. Thanks to weather conditions, vegetation is lush and includes banana trees, coconut palms and other fruit trees, but also colourful and perfumed flowers of different sizes that make the view of the country incredibly beautiful. Bangladesh also boasts some endemic animals, such as Bengal Tiger, and the most common elephants, monkeys and spotted deer.

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