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Oceania is a land of rare beauty and pristine nature. From Australia, with its stunning landscapes and wildlife including kangaroos and sweet koalas, to New Zealand, a country where you can practise any kind of adventure sports in an absolutely unique environment. And then the little archipelagos, such as the Cook Islands, where the colorful local lore and populations will enthrall you like nowhere else! And the beaches and sea, of course, are wonderful.

Whether you choose to go on a safari in Australia to discover the natural parks, canyons and world-famous Uluru rock, or you pick a surfing holiday in New Zealand, probably taking some time to pay a visit to the native tribes, your journey is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

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Travel ideas in Oceania

  • Australia self drive tour federica-turriceni Travel proposals

    Tour | 14 days | No flight

    Australia self drive tour

    This tailormade tour in Australia is designed for those who like to travel in total freedom, counting on a defined itinerary. Starting in Adelaide, you will ten travel to Kangaroo Island, famous for the cliffs, beaches and of course kangaroos. You'll then continue along the Great Ocean Road, admiring spectacular views till reaching the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne. Past Canberra, the journey will end in the thrilling city of Sydney. Each destination will allow you to appreciate the ...

    Visited places: Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Robe, Port Campbell, Melbourne, Gipsy Point, Canberra, Sydney

    from 940 €

  • Australia tour - Sydney, Ayers Rock, Cairns and Green Island federica-turriceni Travel proposals

    Tour | 13 days | No flight

    Australia tour - Sydney, Ayers Rock, Cairns and Green Island

    A tailormade tour along the eastern coast of Australia from Sydney to Cairns, designed for independent travellers, with tours and excursions arranged for small groups and English speaking guide. At the end of the circuit, an extension at Green Island and the marvelous reef is included. This tour can be 100% tailormade. Guaranteed departures every Tuesday with min 2 participants.

    Visited places: Sydney, Uluru, Cairns, Green Island

    from 2,150 €

  • The Indian Pacific Experience - Australia train tour federica-turriceni Travel proposals

    Tour | 7 days | No flight

    The Indian Pacific Experience - Australia train tour

    Australia and the fascination of the train: have you ever thought of moving from city to city without taking flights? This trip across Australia includes two iconic cities: beautiful Sydney and colonial Adelaide, linked by the magnificent Indian Pacific train, allowing you to admire breathtaking views and an unforgettable sunset. During the tour you will also stop at quaint Broken Hill, a former mining town. Guaranteed departures every Sunday with min. 2 participants.

    Visited places: Sydney, Adelaide

    from 1,000 €

  • Australia guided tour federica-turriceni Travel proposals

    Tour | 14 days | No flight

    Australia guided tour

    A complete Australia tour with guide, discovering four unmissable destinations which, each with its own authenticity, will leave you with an indelible memory of what this country can offer. Dedicated to those who want a guided itinerary, preferring to be escorted by a guide in most of the destinations.

    Visited places: Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Melbourne, Uluru, Alice Springs, Cairns, Hamilton Island

    from 1,390 €

  • Tour of Australia from west to east - Perth, Sydney and Ayers Rock federica-turriceni Travel proposals

    Tour | 17 days | No flight

    Tour of Australia from west to east - Perth, Sydney and Ayers Rock

    A fascinating Australia tour that will allow you to explore this wonderful country freely. The highlights of the trip include: Perth city and Ningaloo Reef Exploration of Red Center and Ayers Rock Tour of Sydney Seaside extension at Hamilton Island.

    Visited places: Perth, Ningaloo Reef, Alice Springs, Kings Canyon, Uluru, Sydney, Hamilton Island

    from 1,744 €

Trip themes in Oceania

Perché fare un viaggio in Oceania

Oceania, also known as the New Continent for being the last continent discovered by the European, is the smallest continent on Earth and also the less populous, after Antarctica. It is composed by 14 countries.

It is ideologically divided into four main regions, including Australia and New Zeland, Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. The three main islands are characterized by mountain chains, the highest peaks are located in New Guinea, they are Puncak Jaya and Mount Wilhelm, followed by other mountains belonging to the Alps of New Zeland and Australia.

Although Oceania is not very large, it boasts four different climatic zones. Near the tropic there is a tropical climate with moderate temperature, in North Australia and New Guinea there is a tropical humid climate, while the interior of Australia is characterized by a dry climate and the coasts feature y a temperate climate. These conditions allowed the diffusion of different typologies of flora. Indeed, it is possible to find tropical plants and eucalyptus, as well as evergreen forests and rainforests. Oceania is also famous for being home to some rare animals, such as kangaroo, koala and dingo.

As for economy, the main source of earnings is agriculture, especially of cereals and the processing of wool. Also tourism plays a big role for the economy of this country, especially in the islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.