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Discover Venezuela, in South America, its lush nature and charming cities or discover the culture and traditions of its native populations. Don't miss the world-famous Angel Falls and the table mountains, real masterpieces of nature. Savour Venezuelan cuisine, inspired by native, African and Spanish influences. 

This country is also rich in archaeological sites, such as Santa Ana de Coro, declared Unesco World Heritage Site, but also the capital city Caracas, modern and full of contrasts, is worth a visit.

Let our travel experts guide you on a tailormade tour, you won't regret it. It will be an unforgettable vacation. 

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Why visit Venezuela

Venezuela is a country located on the northern coast of South America, it is lapped by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on the south.

It is possible to distinguish three geographical areas within the country. The northern part is characterized by mountains, here Pico de Bolivar is situated, the nation's highest point. The central part is dominated by the Llanos, wide grassy plains devoted to bovine farming and oil exploitation. The southern part is located on the Guiana Highlands, a plateau that includes some endemic plants and animals. Here, some of the highest waterfalls of the world are found such as Angel Falls. Many areas of the country were declared protected, in order to safeguard the natural beauties and the uniqueness of the biodiversity, in a land where nature is sovereign.

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